Sub 2k: Latest Upgrades

All Things SUB-2000! This is my baby with latest upgrades.

MCarbo muzzle break
MCarbo optic mount
MCarbo charging handle cover
MCarbo rubber grip
Magpul forearm grip
Magpul Picatinny rail panel
TandemKross gator hide bolt tube sleeve
Missouri Tactical buttstock pad
Monstrum tactical 90 lumens led light
Feyachi sling
My Crisis Gear red dot


I’m going through some parts bags looking for an AR15 trigger spring I bought from MCarbo a while back and I come across this.

I did all the internal S2K updates about a year ago but it seems I did not install this when I had it apart and now I get to take it apart again. Must not have been PFAing. I award myself a dumba$$. :rage:


@Ironbutt70 Don’t feel alone David. Mine’s still in the plastic bag also. I’ll get off my a$$ one of these days and install it. :sweat:


Great looking build!