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Sub 2k collar nut loctite

anyone know of anything besides the 380 black max loc tite that will work for putting the collar back on? can’t find it anywhere and don’t want to pay the 6$ shipping on top of the 10$ for the loctite.


Off the top of my head Loctite 262… but do some research first.

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Possibly “Permatex 84201 PermaPoxy - 5 Minute General Purpose Epoxy” it has similar shear, specific gravity and temp range, though different chemical composition and longer fixture time. Not clear on viscosity differences or gap fill. Not speaking from personal experience, use at your own risk.

I used the 380 once a year or so ago and recently found the entire tube had set so I chucked it.


yea i heard they were good for about one use then they are toast.


Dave, If i had a dollar for every tube of permatex ive had to pitch…:rage:.
Thanks for the reminder, i have diffs to change oil this weekend, and no doubt the last tube in my box is now turned to stone.

@Rambo , check out the Mcarbo QD sling mount, which has been used to clamp down on the nut safely without locking compounds.


Yep, doesn’t matter how clean the threads are and how tight you make the damn cap, either. It’s a conspiracy to make us buy more product! :unamused:


You might want to consider using an AR castle nut.