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SUB 2000 with Mcarbo Optic Mount & 3X SCOPE

All Things SUB-2000! Due to a problem in my right eye I cannot really use a 1X red dot scope. However, in order to use a (Vortex) 3X scope with the Mcarbo swing-away mount, I realized there would be problem, since that would place the eyepiece way too far forward to make the scope usable. The answer was recommended by someone on this forum: a cantilever riser extension. I bought a Lions Gear Bridge Mount 12 slot 0.75" Tactical Slim Cantilever riser BM-1207-EX from XPG Arms, available also at Amazon for $13.99. Then the gunsmith discovered another problem, that the scope was still bit too far away. When he tried to shorten the stock the rubber Mccarbo “beard guard” tube had to be removed, because it was in the way. (The beard guard is shown below the Sub 2000). You can see the end result of the Mcarbo scope mount due the Lions Gate extension, comparing it to the same scope setup on my Daniels Defense AR-15. On the AR-15 the rear eyepiece is under 10" from the rear of the shoulder pad. On the Sub-2000, even with the Lions Gear riser, it is 1" longer-a full

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11". I find that at 11" on the Sub-2000 it is not a perfect distance, but acceptable and usable.