Sub 2000 trigger install

All Things SUB-2000 Hello, thanks for the add. Starting pro trigger up grade . Been trying to get clip off of saftey, first side and the tool seems too fat and not wide enough to get clip off. Any suggestions ? Watching video.


Everyone says the tool sucks. Use a small screwdriver and needle nose pliers.


Thanks. That was way quicker.


The tool does suck. I just pull that damn clip off with a pair of needle nose pliers.


To be fair, I never bought the tool, but all the comments I have seen suggest that particular aspect is too bulky for the job. A screwdriver and pliers work far better.


I purchased the tool several years ago. People complained then but nothing was done to modify it. A small screwdriver and needle nose pliers work best.


I sorta figured the tool out when doing my internal upgrades. I watched how he uses it in the videos very closely and it’s actually pretty effective at nudging it out enough to pry or pull it off. You can’t use it the way it appears to have been designed, as you found out, but holding it at just the right angle does allow it to wiggle the clip out. It also slides it back on nicely after getting the clip partially seated with my fingers.

On the other hand, a pair of needlenose would work just as well. Truth is I have no real use for the armorers wrench since I have the plastic collar nut. I thought one of the other holes on the wrench was for the thread protector on the barrel but none of them fit it.

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