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SUB-2000 Top Seller in 2018!



Maybe next year there will be a new catagory. “New Best Selling Semi-Auto Made in Collaboration With Aftermarket Manufacturer” (Im)patiently waiting for the release of the M Series S2K.


@Texprep @ChrisNelson

With all the success of MCARBO and the ‘brotherhood,’ my guess is that there will be a New Best Selling Semi… However, it will be MCARBO (with a FFL 7 Manufacturer license, in tote!) Funny how businesses grow from the ‘smallest’ ideas? Winks!


The comments in that article come up with a good point. The combined AR models would be #1.
But the popularity of Sub-2000 can not be denied. Very happy to see it at the top.

I have more than a few guns on that list, but only two bought in 2018. DPMS Oracle and Sub-2000.
I’ll try and help the 10/22 carbine climb that list for 2019. And maybe a CP33 later in the year.