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Sub-2000 Recoil Spring Issue

While trying to install the tool-less integrated locking pin for the recoil spring to match up with the recoilless charging handle I purchased, the tab popped off and somehow (don’t ask) the entire spring released. Now I cannot get enough pressure on the spring to install. Am I screwed or is there still a way to get enough pressure on the spring to install?


Your not screwed. I did the same thing. You can either have someone else pull down on it while you install OR use the twist method described in earlier comments on this very issue

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I’ll look at the twist method. Basically, I can’t keep the 2 inner pieces from falling on each other without having the cap on it. Currently it is sitting on my bench with the spring out, the 2 inner pieces are out, and the 2 end caps off. Appreciate the message and M-Carbo on my friend!


This is a comment by @tinktrain1 from another post on this subject. This method works very well.

“Got mine today these a very easy way to clamp the spring down, remember a spring will act like a bolt, put the supplied allen key between the 2 parts like Chris said grab the spring and spin it round and round. because the allen key is held in place the spring will slide past the allen key tightening as it passes it. its that easy. no fuss no muss. I was able to get over 1/2 space between the spring and the pin with little to no effort. No tools needed!!! Then pop in the new part and twist the other way less than 1 minute complete time spent…”


Thanks Doc. Going to give it a try when I get home. Semper Fi.


I had the same issue that you did. I was to the point where I was about to order another spring from Keltec and ditch the new locking pin, then I saw the twist method comment. You’ll be surprised at how easy it will be. Semper Fi