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Sub 2000 Owners Manual


The owners manual includes a lot of useful information on the operation and function of the rifle. The manual also provides good info on barrel threading diameters, removal of front sight and detailed images of small parts of the rifle, as must have for everyone. A quick read would answer 50% of the questions I saw posted to the facebook group.


Thanks Matt for sharing.


Is there a video out there on how to remove Gen 2 front sight or can someone explain how? I have only seen videos on the Gen 1 front sight removel. Very interested in installing Red Lion Precision folding front sight. If this has been discussed in another topic then please combine it with that one.

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@dave67 Go to Kel-Tec’s website and look at the users manual. They have step by step instructions on how to remove the sight. Hope this helps Dave.


@Don68 Thanks Don, will do and this topic can be removed if need be but maybe others will want to know as well.


Matt once removed what would you suggest as a spacer to fill in the threaded section left exposed because of the missing sight body ?
Just a bunch of jamb nuts ?

Absolutly ! what would you suggest to use to cover the exposed threads once sight body has been removed?

Kel Tec sells a long thread protector on their website that will cover the 1/2x36 and leaves the 1/2x28 thread exposed to still attach a muzzle brake