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Sub 2000 Mounted Lights


Yes, the light can be activated from the end cap. That’s how I’m using it right now. I got a set of these mlock picatinny rails from Amazon. The mount that comes with the light works great. You can either mount the light above or below the barrel. I chose high to make it easier to turn on with my thumb.

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I actually already have an Inforce WMLx light mounted on my S2K, but it’s on the bottom rail, and the thumb on/off is awkward to use. What I may do is simply buy an offset rail for it, and buy your “rig” for my M&P 15-22. Thanks.

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Thanks for the link Doc, added to my wish list​:smirk::smirk:

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And you don’t have any problems with the light being that close to the muzzle?

It actually isn’t as close to the muzzle as the pic makes it look. It sits back about 2”.

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I had initially planned to have mine right below the muzzle, and figured that the muzzle break would dispel the heat & gases up and away from the light, but I’m having some issues with the muzzle break installation, so, at least for now, I’m leaving it to the side and a few inches away, but I wanted to see if the heat from the muzzle would. cause problems. Glad to hear that it doesn’t.!
[Inforce Light on S2K-1|375x500](upload://iPmGVJtn7stoHZ8qQg3536fbp