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Sub 2000 m&p frame keeps splitting away

On my sub 2000 (I have no idea what generation), probably a 2) my polymer frame around the buffer tube, where the plastic nut goes, keeps trying to pry the gun in half regardless of what I do. This had happened after about 50 rounds through it. I also ended up having to replace the feed ramp because somehow mine went missing. Are these common problems on a sub 2000 or did I get an odd one?


something is definitely wrong, take advantage of that lifetime warranty and send her back to momma for repairs


2nd Joe’s statement… Use the warranty!


@Dbastian welcome to the forum dustin


The warranty may have been voided when I replaced my feed ramp, as I bought a stainless steel feed ramp from MCARBO and installed it.

wouldn’t think so as they are qualified gunsmiths, but who knows huh
I just sent mine back for elongated safety bar holes, and did mods, but removed them before returning.
Looking at a S&W MP15, something more “quality”. The S2K is a fun gun but not sure about being a serious weapon for anything more than playtime.