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Sub-2000 Keltec General durability

I have been interested in the Sub-2000 for a long time and thought I would ask if this is a gun that can be counted for to withstand a high round count and be reliable. I just read of accounts here where burrs from the bolt handle striking the receiver tubing could cause problems. I am looking for more than a range toy here.
What has been the experiences with people using them and due to my aging eyes I would need a simple red dot and I believe that is now days doable on this gun.

I never ever seem to see a keltec 2000 for sale and I assume it is because they sell fast so there are people out that like them. On another forum I hang out at they say anything from keltec is junk. I own three Keltec pistols and two of them needed fixing new in the box before they would shoot.


My gen 1 was over 2000 rnds when i did the upgrades, now at over 3000 rnds. Ive had a couple of O CRAP moments, but they were of my doing (cheap magazine non glock brand, cheap ball ammo)


@barnetmill Maybe you should Change Forum’s,just kidding’ I have 4 pmr 30’s and I have not had any Bitch’s since new, Case Lube the Rounds, Load the Magazine with all the same gr bullet, and proper Technique as per.
My Sub 2000/2 I have had for years, before all the (Neat Sh**) Mcarbo and Brotherhood came up with Our wants and Suggestion Here’, With that Sir 2000 plus rounds before and after Updates.
If I have not done so before, Welcome to the Brotherhood’


@barnetmill Not to worry. Keep reading as much as you can stand about the sub 2000. My sight was a bit off, and I was letting the bolt slam forward in the folded position. there was nothing to keep the charging handle from impacting the front of the slot. It cant do that with the barrel locked down. I have about 700 rds through it in 4 months. It’s a Timex not a Rolex, but it works just fine.
Welcome to the forum. Hope this helps.


@barnetmill I have about 2000 rounds through mine with no problems except maybe that I can’t get the smile off my face every time I shoot it :smiley: Just changed red dot to a Bushnell Enrage. Love it so far.


i have about 2300 rounds through mine had about 500 when I did mcarbo upgrades. only failures is when I use my non glock 33 round magazine (40 cal) I have the sig Romeo 5 tread edition its honestly a great sight for a good gun


I have only had my M series a Couple of months . so far and i love it !!Seems to be working fine… I had bought a used one prior to this 1 and had problems from day 1 but I sent it in to kel tech and they pretty much gave me a brand new rifle so now I have 2…


I have well over 2000 rounds through mine with no problems. Most of the problems I’ve heard about here on the Forum would be apparent at the time of purchase. Make sure to handle the firearm before you buy it; fold and unfold it a few times looking for slop or serious twisting, sight it in on something and make sure the front sight isn’t canted (it will still suck until you replace it with a Red Lion sight :grin:) and just generally make sure it all feels right before putting down the cash.