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SUB-2000 Issues

Anybody else have an issue of losing the detent pin and spring for the safety switch. Last time I had my sub apart to install MCARBO parts, everything went back together fine, but since shooting it and or carrying it around. I noticed there was no definite click when putting in on safe/fire, so tore it apart to find the detent pin and spring are gone. Any thoughts?

Also for all those that sent their sub back for the recall, anyone else run across an issue of the front sight pin being wrong size? I have a front sight adjustment tool, worked fine before recall, since its back now none of the tools I tried will fit the sight to turn it. Had to adjust it old school method.


Well, sorta yes. I sent mine with an aftermarket sight post. It came back with a factory post. I called. I learned that they prepped the barrels for the swap by installing sights on the replacement barrels. So I sent them a picture of my Blitzkreig post, they found it and I had my front sight including the Blitzkrieg post 2 days later.

No problems with my safety detent or spring 'cause I never use the safety. Iā€™m a chamber flag guy at the range, and it packs folded with the bolt locked back so I can unfold, slap the charging handle to chamber a round and poke holes without further delays.


make sire the Eclip is installed BEFORE you push it all the way in.
new spring and detent ball is fairly inexpensive from KelTec.


I had a similar problem. Then I discovered that while reinstalling the clip, I had broken the tip off of one. Ordered several spares from Keltec. With a new one installed, all is ok. And I do have the spares cause chances are I may break it again.


I already ordered new ones, just checking to see if someone else ever had theirs just pop out.

does anyone make a tritium night front sight post, to replace the factory post?

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All of the AR15 trit posts work in the Gen2. E.g., my Blitzkreig has tritium.


For now go to https://www.blitzkriegcomponents.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=ARCFS05B


@dane.have you seen the moon shot retrieval tool ?

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Thanks for the link!