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SUB-2000 Gen2 Sighting In From Factory

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Hi Everyone,
Don’t know if your all aware this site has just started a Target Shoot. Find it at “Online Match - Enter by 15 June”. Need help/suggestions to sight in my 9mm Sub-2000 Gen2 PCC before my next submission.
I already entered my SUB-2000 Gen2 at 25 yards and shot OK, so today I tried at 50 yards (benched) and now benched, I can really notice the difference in the accuracy. I didn’t have any tools at the make shift range to make adjustments nor did I know how, so I shot three burst of 10 rounds (factory sights) to compare the difference.
1st 10, nice grouping but clustered in the upper left part of the target.
2nd 10, I compensated, drew a new bullseye with the same offset in the lower right part of the target. The grouping wasn’t as tight but getting there still to high of the bulls eye.
3rd 10 rounds, so I drew another bullseye below the target and landed 4 in the target the rest not sure where they landed.
I wouldn’t have started this new post until after I searched web and this forum, the result of which I found no postings that addressed the subject and nothing specific on the internet.
Perhaps I can call on some help from someone who has sighted the front sight to expedite the process. Perhaps even if I have the instructions right and a suggested number of turns.
Here is what I found so far. Simple depression of the stopper and rotate counter-clockwise - UP to lower the shot (see pic). I am assuming for the windage rotate clockwise to moves right (see pic). Is this correct?
The photo I included below I will refer to next time out, better prepared to adjust the front sight.


Sorry, please disregard as I do not know how to delete this new post.

I found a manual online and downloaded it, have the instructions I need now.

If the Moderator reviews this please feel free to remove it.

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