Sub 2000 gen 2 ejection port gas’s in the face for lefties

Hey guys, a good friend has a Sub 2000 gen 2 that is left handed, and is experiencing the “hot gasses in the face” dilemma. I suggested that he look into a Missouri Tactical Recoil Pad / butt pad extension, and the M*Carbo shell deflector. If this doesn’t correct his problem, are there any other options other than shooting right handed :joy:


I tried the Mcarbo deflector for a while and then took it off. Not that big of a problem anyways and it didn’t wanna play nice with my fancy shmancy forend cuz it won’t lock when folded up . Took off the deflector.

I do have the MT recoil pad and it is a very nice piece of kit IMHO.

Also, do NOT get the extended mag release if ya shoot left handed. Just sayin …

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Some may call that "wrong handed":stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, and the root cause of many of lifes woes ! :joy:

Oh that was me…:sweat_smile:


Thanks for the heads up on the extended release, I also have their butt pad and like it