Sub 2000 feed ramp install

Was a task on the first time ever opening one up. And even though I was warned about the safety detent and spring I launched it nonetheless. Lol. The brass piece hit me in the lap but the spring was no where to be found. I had on my house slippers so I took them off thinking as I stepped around in the area I might find the spring with my feet. No luck. I finally put my slippers bank on and felt something inside one. Guess what? The little spring. It had fallen into my slipper.

Thought you might enjoy that. I did. It’s now back in the gun and will be going to the range soon.


@Jakeddy Welcome to this Off The Wall And Out of Round Brotherhood. As Far as to the Detent Spring for Safety’ I’m still looking for Mine’ it’s somewhere between Mar’s and Places Unknown. Jeff found His’ The lucky Bastard’ :rofl:


I think my sub2k is only firearm that i didnt loose no parts on opening it up. Now i do have atleast a dozen ar springs orbiting somewhere.


I didn’t lose any when I did mine either.

…but I did manage to put the hammer in backwards and couldn’t figure it out for two solid weeks…

I would have rather lost the damn spring and had to wait for a new one! Lol


Range report.

Feed ramp works perfect. IMO this is a must upgrade.

Also I added a 45 degree offset and mounted a Burris Fastfire 2. So far that’s working very well too.

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I lost my spring too and spent some time looking for it, finally gave up and got a new one, about a month later I was cleaning my room and went to dust oFf the top of the safe and guess what I found. A good thing to do is put a piece of clear plastic over your firearm when dealing with springs as it will capture / prevent them from being lost if they decide to go into low earth orbit.
Another suggestion which I’m sure a lot of you folks do is to take a picture with your cell phone of your firearm prior to removing a part that way if you are not sure how it was oriented you have the picture to refer to. MC


I also need to install a feeder ramp. With what force should screws be tightened on a Kel-Tec Sub 2000?

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You should order the good screws from MCarbo because if not anything more than .002 in-lbs will strip the aluminum ones. I’m convinced looking at them strips them.

The good ones? Snug them up. I doubt there’s an actual spec but I’d guess around 30-45 in-lbs like Vortex recommends for their scope rings. It doesn’t seem like much when you tighten them to that but I’ve never had a scope ring come loose so I’d imagine that’s adequate.

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For me for now the Magpull MLok 45 offset is working great. The Sub will fold and lock. A laptop bag my wife had in the closet works perfect too.