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Sub 2000 cqb! Integrally suppressed barrel! Give your thoughts

All Things SUB-2000!


Hopefully they come out with a conversion kit.

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Guess i found my next wish list upgrade !! The rotating feature is the icing on the cake.


They’re going to sell like tens of those.


It is awesome. It makes me wonder how easily s2ks headspace. If barrels swap without risking headspace corruption …

Y’all know what I’m thinking. Yep, I’m ready to put one in jail soon as they are ready to release one to my FFL. I’d prefer to give 'bout $500 for a CQB suppressor I could swap onto my Sub.

@ChrisNelson … when KT is ready, please price out an M Series CQB.

And, I did not see it mentioned in this video, but … Another Shot interview included mention of receiving a regular barreled front end at purchase that is used while we wait on the stamps. If that was reported accurately, kudos and cool points to KT.