M*CARBO Brotherhood

Strikefire Optic

After months of toying and replacing everything I think im finally finished. Just some toying around with the placements of everything and fine tuning. Has anyone else had experience with the strikefire optic from vortex? I like it so far, just need to find the right mount to lower it a bit.


Like the paint scheme :+1:t2:


@Crash1331 How did you color in the MCARBO on the bolt tube cover?


Thanks, gonna do some OD and FDE on the .40

Dave, i used the testors paint pen to get down in the letters, let it dry and lightly wiped away any overfilled letters with fingernail polish remover. Came out looking clean.


@Crash1331, that’s the very sight I’m in the process of bartering for. Going to run a vortex magnifier behind it on *45.
Just mounted this yesterday, originally planned for my sub but my rear sight on the 3- screw wouldn’t hold zero. I was looking at the strikefire, mounted on my .44 it was so ugly that it actually looked good…but no room for a magnifier.

That actually doesnt look too bad. Can’t imagine the strikefire on one though. Funny i ordered a black one then saw they had it in FDE so i ended up with a second strikefire if you have trouble with your current bartering.