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Strange Email From MCARBO?

Just curious why I get emails from some where claiming that I need to sign into the forum then when I try to it says I can’t.
Lately i have entered the forum and it will not let me reply because I am not signed in. This happened just a moment ago 10:35 eastern time 10/25/18. Then i close and come back and I have full access without having to physically do anything. Does this happen to anyone else

@Turmeric No this hasn’t happened to me. I sign in early in the morning and sign out that night daily.

not exactly but yesterday it wouldnt let me reply only read i took it they were doing an up grade or something like that

No Have not seen or had that problem’ But i sign in and out after done reading and the come back during the day and in private Browsing

I just stay signed into every forum I’m on. No issues.


I just got this strange message and it wouldn’t let me do anything.


Saw that. Working ok now👍

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@Kona Must have been down for some kind of maintenance, all better now. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


So do I. I click on forum on mcarbo home page and here I am. BUt it has happened 2 times this past week.

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Wow that is even different than the one I got. Cool I am not going nuts!


same here but mine working again too

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