Storing Records

I have all my firearm recipts in the OEM boxs they came in. For some reason that just how I have kept them. Boxes are starting to get anoying but I know if I ever resold something having the box is always nice. Also wanted to store all my recipts inside the safe moving forward. What do yall do?


Gotta admit. I ain’t prepped to sell squat. I treat my pew pews like tools and I don’t fret blemishes. Pistols get carried while salt water fishing, etc.

They all have always gone bang - and, that is my standard of care/storage.

That said, I too have boxes, cases and such in the barn. I keep’m in case I need to ship’m. I have zero receipts - that’d be evidence of actual expenditures. Plus … I’d rather buy on the used market 'cause I don’t like evidence and I save a few bucks.


I keep all my receipts in a fireproof safe when I keep other paper.

I, too, kept my boxes but I look at them every other day and question why I’m doing that because I’ll likely never sell the guns I bought myself (except for the SCCY. Never buy an SCCY… And that’s only if I can find a sucker willing to actually pay for it!).

I’ve come to realize if I throw away the boxes I’ll free up even more room for fun things in my closet of enjoyment. Lots of room for more ammo, optics, accessories… Maybe even a whole new safe!


I keep all oem boxes because i look ridiculous carrying the guns all on on me, to the range. 2-3 is my max. I bet receipts are in the cases, pistols are all on record here in michigan anyway, so not much to hide. Rifle shotgun cardboards get stowed way up in the attic until space runs out, they all ended up getting their own hard plastic case for when they leave the safe.
Important records are kept in safes on and offsite.


A few of my long guns have been bought in face to face sales which is legal here in nc. But everything ive bought over the counter with paperwork i store those papers in my smaller fireproof document safe with car titles and what not. Also have all the firearm serial numbers wrote down with pictures of the gun in the safe. As for the boxes come in yes i have most of them stored in a closet. Antique firearms and the collectible market some times the old boxes can fetch allmost as much as the gun that came in it. So save your boxes :+1:


The only box I have for a gun is a 40+ your old 357 mag Ruger security six with a 4 inch bull barrel that’s never been shot. It’s in the original Ruger box and that box is in the original shipping box. Other than that all my boxes go to the burn pile and as for the receipts there in the boxes. In my opinion, if you buy a gun and are expecting to turn around and resell it, you should’ve probably never bought that gun to begin with a gun as a tool you don’t sell your wrenches screwdrivers or sockets do you.


I have one of those Rugers too! Top left.

Serial number XX000. Even number.

Dad bought it new in 79. I’ve had it 13 years. Its been shot a fair amount but usually 38’s and not 357’s.


Boxes are in the attic. Glad I kept them because I did have to ship my Ruger back for a warranty repair.
Receipts I keep in a notebook on a shelf. I keep these in case I need proof of purchase for warranties.
I keep n electronic spreadsheet of serial numbers in case the house burns down.