Stop The World, I Want To Get Off Now

Ok. So I have this friend. His politics are liberal, but he also owns firearms. Sounds strange, I know. He owns a M1 Carbine, and a M1 Trainer Carbine that is exactly like the M1 Carbine, but chambered in 22lr. I guess it’s purpose was to train the troops on how the M1 Carbine works, without the cost involved with .30 caliber ammo. So during the holiday cookout, he is showing me the two rifles. Of course the conversation from others turns to the current events in Texas.

I literally almost swallowed my tongue with a seizure when he said "I don’t think anybody should be allowed to own assult weapons " as he is literally putting 2 semi automatic rifles back in his safe. And, yes, he meant AR-15s, not M-16s.

I mean, Stop the :earth_americas:, I want to get off.


Meanwhile the Chinese scientists published this study about Monkeypox DNA manipulation at end of February 2020:
Efficient assembly of a large fragment of monkeypox virus genome as a qPCR template using dual-selection based transformation-associated recombination - ScienceDirect


Future child sniffer statement “moneypox will cause your 9mm bullet to cough, you’ll blow out your lung, my butts been wipped”.

Yes I want off this planet now.


Chinese drugs also more deadly than the dreaded 2nd amendment tools!

This CDC graphic is just counting internal U.S. data!


I hope you explained how the M1 Carbine functions exactly like an AR-15, except it shoots fatter bullets…


The drugs have took over a good part of NC. Speacially the youth between young teen years to early 20s. It was pain pills until they got harder and more expensive to get now its meth and heroine i spoke to a young man at lowes oneday who was asking for money you could tell he wasnt high but was struggling trying get money to get high. Maybe 19 years old. I didnt give him money of course but i couldnt help but talk to the guy and ask at such young age why he didnt straighten up. Alot more to life then being a bum and killing yourself with hard drugs. He said he started using pain pills when he was 13 years old with friends who lifted them off there parents. And moved on to all sorts of other stuff and ended up to the point where he was shooting up straight phentanyle. I told him he needed seek help before it was to late to come back. Everywhere you go around nc you see these junkies and there mostly kids. Its terrible. And most of the junkies are still getting checks and every kind of government assistance known to man. Which dont do anything but feed there habits.


Waaay back in the early 90s, I did data analysis for a Vassar College Class of '42 Reunion. That’s when I learned that the wealthy, elite view overpopulation as the number 1 problem the world faces. Fast forward to right now and look at what the elite are attempting to do 'bout that problem.

The folks at the top of the marianette strings have no desire to save the masses. Seems to me they’re work’n hard on their fix.


I guess these idiots don’t remember how ALL the left acted during Donald Trumps presidency. I’m NOT REALLY A TRUMP FAN. But come on people.

That’s ALL they did for 4 years.


Those bitches aren’t doing anything unusual. Just spinning the sound bites with more liberal anti American uniformity puke.

With today’s cost of bullets , not worth wasting. The aliens will get them.

PS First two are ugly as hell anyway :wink:


I’m looking at moving to a different planet…


Maybe if the WHO would just spend more time changing the name of virus’ everyone will survive, and… more importantly, no one will be offended…


Don’t act in haste. I suspect it is just a matter of time before the bulk of flyover country secedes and forms the United States of Liberty. California may still be able to feed itself but the NorthEast will have issues that gun control and defunding the police will never solve.


I’m thinking maybe if these pantywaisted scientists spent more time being scientists and less time begin woke douchebags, they might find cures for more s#!t that ails us…

Feckin’ clowns. :unamused:


PLEASE give me direction!!!


Never happen, moneys in the (prolonged) treatment. Much like parasites suck the host to death.


Tru dat! All part of the medical-industrial complex…


At the end of the day, you and I are the carbon they want to eliminate.


So, let me get this straight in my head, because it’s kind of spinning yet again.

After basically shutting down or blocking or doing whatever he can to stymie oil production in the U.S., our supremely smart and glorious leader decides it’s time to send a threatening letter to oil companies to increase production or else?!

Where is the next stop please.


FWIW the head of the WHO is not even a doctor He also was head of a terrorist organization.