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Stop government mandated face masks

@fishbread I have been out literally every single day in 2020 without a mask and haven’t been sick. Grocery store, gas station, working, whatever. I’m a huge germaphobe anyway, but yea, wash your hands, don’t be nasty, don’t touch your face. Simple stuff.


Same here and I fly jetliners for a living.
It disturbs me that State Governments can mandate mask wearing and everyone complies without question.
The WHO and the CDC have displayed a high level of incompetence regarding this flu yet their word is gospel to some.
The vast majority of people have no idea how to wear a mask or take it off and dispose of it.
A colleague of mine put it best “We in America have successfully saved millions of chins”


Breaking News- New swine flu coming out of CHINA (no sht) just read it.


Experts it has the possibility to be a “pandemic”.
See, everyone got tired of Kung flu after a month and went back to their everyday lives so we got to get another flu out there to get you back in your houses and close the economy until after November. Get it yet?


Ok one more thing.
When the public hears of of yet another health crises, I predict the number of people driving around, alone in their vehicle, windows rolled up, dressed in MOPP4 will triple!:joy:

I cant help myself.


And some are essential workers requiring modified masks.


I’m glad I live like a hermit and don’t have to deal with being around many people. Sure is funny that we’ve had all kinds of viruses and diseases since the beginning of time,but in the year 2020 a little virus called Covid 19 shut the entire world down because of Governmental power control over the people.

More people die each day from vehicle accidents than this virus,yet we are still allowed to drive vehicles.


We’re all going to die. I don’t care. But I don’t want to shorten anybody else’s life span or add to their suffering.
I don’t wear a mask for me, I do it for others.
Same with carrying a pistol. I don’t do it for me.


I hear Jennifer Aniston is selling her used mini black bikinis for face masks…:scream::eyes::grin:



If I wanted her opinion on ANYTHING, I’d ask her for it. Until then, she and every other celebrity can do what they are supposed to do, entertain us and don’t give us your “almighty, we know what’s best for you because we have millions of people that follow us”… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Exactly. They’re “entertainers” and I’ve never needed one. A plumber, electrician, or mechanic absolutely, but never any of these trained monkeys.


I never see anyone providing the EVIDENCE that cloth masks – anything other than properly fitted N95 masks – work.

And there is a ton of evidence they do not.


There is zero evidence masks work.

Only a few months ago the same authorities now calling for them, Fauci and the Surgeon General, publicly said they do not work.

They have presented zero new evidence since.

Further, the CDC has published a new study paper that says, guess what: zero evidence that they work. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/5/19-0994_article?fbclid=IwAR2V1hPqN0WKb2kXVExP_1UE9ARvru6mtPZvZN0w1jx0S3l3fXLhxMP_bXs

There have been studies before this where families where a member had airborne-spreadable respiratory illness, and either all family members wore masks or none did, and rate of spread to other family members was measured. You guessed it: No difference.


They are lying saying masks work.

What will stop Covid-19, same as any respiratory virus, is herd immunity and nothing else.

They are lying saying their oppression must continue till there’s a vaccine. There has never been a successful (both safe and effective) coronavirus vaccine.

They lied saying HCQ doesn’t work. They did this by comparing where only patients nearest to death were given HCQ vs patients in much better shape that were not given HCQ. They lied saying HCQ kills. They did this by giving doses far in excess of long accepted safe use, essentially killing people on purpose. They lied on the death rate, claiming 3% of people getting the virus were dying when that’s false by more than 10 times. They lied on the death stats by making every death with Covid-19 a Covid-19 death, as deaths from other causes mysteriously dropped far below trend. They lie by omission not reporting that all-cause deaths for the first six months 2020 are not significantly greater than six months of a bad flu season e.g. the 2017-2018 season. They lie by omission, not reporting that present recovery rate stats are 99.96% recovery for the entire population under age 70: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.05.13.20101253v2.full.pdf . They lie by omission by not reporting that weekly US Covid deaths have been dropping sharply every week since mid-April and are now very low, far below other death causes: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm

All this, and the BLM/Antifa riots as well as impeachment based on lies, are part of organized insurrection. Not from honest response to facts.

It is not medical, it is political. Radical political. Anti-American political. Nullify-your-vote political.


No face mask and no coffee…for starters…:coffee:

Yes it does “help”…areas that have more people wearing face masks have less virus cases…:face_with_monocle:
that’s today’s news…:eye:


I am not disagreeing with the statement, but what that proves is a correlation rather than causation. It may simply be that people who choose to wear masks are also more diligent in practicing social distancing, hand washing, etc.
If you always see earthworms after a heavy rain, that is a correlation. It does not establish as a matter of causation that it is raining earthworms.
I will not take up space here, but simple physics, including the size of the Covid-19 virus establishes that only a properly fitted N95 mask will block transmission. Others will not although they may provide some limited protection against large aerosol droplets.


Absolutely spot on.
Not only correctly fitted but also correctly removed and disposed of.


Well of course it would have to be correctly worn and maintained!!!..
or a cheap mask and full face shield…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smirk:

All of the parties we go to lately with our “friends“…practice social distancing, wearing masks when in the 6’ range…unless it’s a family that shares germs. It’s good to see people, hear voices, and share “some” good times again…:v::grin:

No masks when close… and no party…:wine_glass:


That’s the point, 99% of people aren’t doing either.
As my doctor said “We’re saving the chins of America”
Not much of party standing around by yourself yelling at each other. Why bother?


As with most news, the stats can be misleading. Most survey results and methods can be turned to support the opposition viewpoint. At best, they’re taken from small samplings or canvassing of small public areas/social media. Highly unreliable, especially may not even be based on honest responses, given the social criticisms and persecution/cancellation potential.

Even the death rate #'s (which should be the MOST reliable and objective) are skewed due to the mandates pushing coroners and medical examiners to label CV19 deaths without direct evidence of infection. Not to mention all the financial incentives created for those labels. Death rates therefore could be inflated, yet still not as bad as many other illnesses that no one takes ANY preventative measures against.
Most puzzling is, I have no clue how this became a left vs right topic either, other than intentionally being trumpeted by CNN MSNBC etc that “if you dont wear a mask, youre selfish and have no respect for anyones life, and its ok to kill someones Granny! Like Trump”
Its all Too Suspicious in general methinks… all signs point to instigation of fear and discontent, which is a common ploy leading into election season… campaigns that promise “hope and change” like to tug at emotions, and foster dependency, when logic and reason can not support the agenda.