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Stop government mandated face masks


Ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure


It is not law, so they can kiss my @$$. They do nothing with Antifa or Thug live matters. Well you know what, My life and my family life matters PERIOD.


I am not bothered at all by people wearing masks. I think you endanger
others by not wearing one. I was ticked by the rent a cop not wearing
one at the grocery. The docs I see and talk to are worried about passing the virus around.
The numbers are increasing again. I am for requiring people to wear masks.


While that logic is understandable it’s not based on facts. If air can pass through your mask so can any virus. It’s like putting up a chain link fence around your house to keep out mosquitoes.


We’re talking about /mitigation/ not absolute safety. There are no absolutes in this life (other than that absolute rule, of course :slight_smile: ) Think of not wearing a mask like running your car or truck without an oil filter - it doesn’t filter out everything and your engine will run fine - until it doesn’t. The big difference with a pandemic is that while the oil filter is working in a closed system our lungs don’t. Wearing a mask protects your “engine” - ie your heart and lungs from that open system’s contaminates.

And yes - an N95 mask is only certified to filter 95% of particles >.02um and N100/P100 filter out 97.5%. That doesn’t mean they are ineffective, it means we know that they reduce the likelihood of infection by that much when used properly. Infection requires your body to be in contact with viable virus particles for a period of time and with a quantity that your immune system can’t overcome.
Wearing a mask reduces that quantity significantly enough in most environments to lower the risk of infection greatly.


But they will stop droplets from a cough or sneeze. And they are recommended by doctors and seem to help in other countries, where cases are declining. Just makes sense to me.


Just a reminder that we need to keep discussions civil.
While I wear a mask when going out, I do so primarily to minimize the risk to my elderly Mother who lives with us.
Where I have a problem is with the government (Federal, State or Local) mandating the use of masks. I believe that degree of interference with personal liberty and autonomy requires the showing of a compelling public health need supported by substantial evidence and uniform, non-arbitrary enforcement. Given the conflicting “expert” advice and the failure to impose comparable restrictions on protesters, the government cannot meet that standard.


Just look at how NY was able to reduce infections via the use of masks. Yes masks are no 100 percent but as a citizen I dont thinks it’s a big deal to wear a mask. Especially if it helps reduce infections.

Current spikes are evidence . Economy opening without some kind of real guidance. Spring break participatents probably contributed to this situation.
Especially as we are seeing younger people being infected.

I am willing to bet that if someone’s parent became infected. they would wish they had worn a mask. if it would have had the possiblity of helping.

I dont think this is an infringement on personal liberty. It a free citizens responsibility to protect others and should gladly put up with a minor discomfort.

People dont complain about signs saying " no shoes, no shirts. no service". People arent complaining then about infringement.

This is not over yet. Let’s help save some lives.

P.S. I remember the same infringement argument was brought when seat belts were mandated.



Well, that’s a big maybe!

My folks are sick. They were tested Friday. We’re waiting on their results and neither has progressed to the point to seek hospitalization.

Mom quarantined like a good liberal. Pops was busy working out cabin fever. We are hoping they’ve been irritated by this Saharan Dust. I’m hoping they test negative 'cause my brother and father aren’t talking.

All this including a bullet proof pops that may have brought beer flu into their home and I KNOW these mask orders are over reach.

If you’ve got school age kids, you’ve got the rest of the summer to 1. protect them and 2. teach them to protect themselves.

As an essential worker, I promise it is possible to avoid this infection while moving in and around the rest of the world. We need habits; good habits combined with a small shot of they’re-out-to-get-me does the trick. If you have an employer exposing you to more risk than you can handle - seek a new employer.

The Texas (Houston specifically) spike in infections traces back to the combination of a bad, evil, former cop"s actions combined with my Mayor who was willing to risk us all for his Floyd funeral camera time. Floyd’s wake was 2 minutes from my house& he was buried 1 minute from a pool I serviced during his funeral. I saw waaay too many people! To my Mayor’s credit, my city was not dismantled by rioters. But, having a son-in-law that works for State Emergency services locally let’s me also report on the critical mass of State Police who were dispatched to this city at the direction of my Governor. The State boys stopped several situations that would have devolved without their support and dedication.


I acknowledge your position and respectfully disagree. In law there is a concept called the slippery slope meaning that once you step onto it you no longer have control of the outcome and virtually anything can be justified using the same rationale that permitted the first step.
The “better good” basis of the position being advocated, once accepted or permitted necessarily allows all manner of infringement from banning “Big Gulps” to prevent obesity, diabetes, etc., all of which cost the taxpayers literally billions, to taking away our firearms.
The question of whether it is your Ox being gored is in my opinion a flawed way of analyzing government intrusion. You have no problem with wearing a mask for the greater good and neither do I. But I suspect we both would have a problem with eating only a government approved “healthy” menu or turning in our firearms if the government determined those steps also were for the greater good.
While I choose to wear a mask, I am unwilling to permit that first step onto the slope.


It does prevent droplets spreading. I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. This is not a constitutional/political wedge issue. It’s about looking out for one an other. Simple as that. Why is it so hard to wear a mask and possibly prevent the spread of this terrible disease? Nothing is 100% guaranteed but some prevention is better than NONE at all.


:eye: wear my face mask, wig, and shades when out and about, or in questionable areas…:scream:

So far it’s keeping the bad neighbors and bandits away…I like it!!! :scream::boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:


Ok I am not going to get to far down the worm hole on this one. The same arguement was used when seat belts were mandated and even the motorcycle helmet laws.

I don’t think those mandates lead to loss of liberty. I dont think forcing people to do what they should inherently be doing out of civil responsibility is a bad thing. Especially when.lives are at stake.

I would say if you dont want the gov. To force people to wear masks then take the high road. create a movement to get all the nah sayers to be the responsible citizens they preport to be and wear masks.

Dam it’s no different then putting on a baseball cap. What is the big deal!

Done ranting. Thanks guys.


Fair 'nuff. I’m 'bout to deliver vape juice I just mixed up to my aunt. I’m taking the bike and I’m leaving my helmet here 'cause I can. This way folks can see my mask.


Sweet I have a couple of those masks. Watch out for the cagers ( people in cars) on the road. For ro keep your head on a swivel
Keep the breeze between your knees.


Actually, it wasn’t.

I did not wish to prolong my previous post or appear needlessly argumentative. But since you raised the issue…

The laws requiring the use of seat belts find their legitimacy in the fact that a driver’s license and permission to operate a vehicle are a privilege rather than a right and therefore subject to quite broad government regulation. If you look at the language of the pertinent statutes, you will find that a driver has responsibility for insuring that occupants of the vehicle are belted and the driver may be cited for noncompliance. There are no provisions to impose liability upon the passengers and while any such provision might be constitutional given the government interest and the overwhelming evidence of efficacy, that is far from guaranteed. The same justification permits helmet laws.

Finally, “No shoes, no shirt, no service” is a rule imposed by individual businesses and not by the government. The distinction is an important one. Private companies can do many things the government itself is prevented from doing. A crowd at the bar gets a little too boisterous and their rights to free speech and peaceable assembly are completely irrelevant when the bouncers show them the door. Those rights are a limitation on government only.

Done Counter-Ranting. :grinning:


I’m not going to deep into this argument other than to say if people could take personal responsibility for their actions we wouldn’t need the government cramming these unconstitutional orders down our throat. We have gone so far down the road of the nanny state we seem to need the government to tell us everything. Soon they will be telling you how to wipe your butt. Come on, take some responsibility for yourself as well as those around you that your actions my effect.


The gov dreams every night about controlling every aspect of your life anyway.
Forget the mask, it wont help you. It only makes YOU feel better.


Wash your hands frequently, stop touching your face and maintain your personal space (you can even call it “tactical distancing” if it makes you feel better). That taken care of, don’t go out if you’re sick or suspect you are.

There are places I look at as higher risk, so I don’t go there. That’s not just for the virus either.

I work in an essential service and am around people who absolutely do not take any precautions at all and are about as unhygienic as you will see short of the third world. So I am a freak at work about gloves and wearing my flimsy mask even tho it is about useless for virus prevention. Outside, I see a lot of hysteria and am not as concerned. If you’re around vulnerable people, like those above 70 or with serious underlying conditions, by all means step it up.

I am against any laws requiring mandatory handwashing, unnecessary face touching or public mask wearing.