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Stocks for TC Compass

Does anyone know if there are other stocks available for the TC Compass, creedmoor besides Boyd’s? All I’ve seen from them are wood and I’d like to go with synthetic.

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all the compass 300wm and 6.5 creedmoor ive seen came from TC with a composite stock, what style stock you looking for?


The factory composite stock is cheap, thin and hollow, and overly flexible at the forensic. Just a better made stock, but not wood. I’m surprise at not being able to find any.


I will check around TC has a way of locking out the aftermarket so they cant make parts to fit their firearms. I think Barrels on the contenders and encores and stocks for the encores and decel grips for the contenders is about all ive seen. I will check to see if the company that makes the grip and fore-end on my contender frame, makes a compass stock,
Boyd’s might be the only company that can produce composite stock that has a contract to make for TC. I will dig around.




Are you able to post a picture of your firearm here? I personally don’t have any knowledge of your firearm, if I have an idea of your firearm I can check around with a few vendors that I have dealt with.