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Stock bedding question

I did a search here and didn’t find anything on this issue so I’ve created a new post.

I just finished bedding the v-block lugs in a Boyd’s stock for my Ruger Am. Predator using the provided epoxy and mold release wax. The bedding went fairly well for my first time but my question is, what can I use to remove the wax from the parkerized barrel/receiver finish as well as the fiber-reinforced poly AR magwell?

I’ve tried Powder Blast and rubbing alcohol with no luck. An internet search suggests acetone or mineral spirits but I’ve also seen information (quite possibly incorrect, it’s the internet) that one or both of these can affect some firearm finishes. I’m familiar with the use of both solvents but never in a firearm context and I don’t want to jack up my gun, I’m so close to finishing and she’s starting to look pretty good. I have faith some of the brothers will have a safe and effective way of dealing with this, you boys haven’t let me down yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


@chilipepper I’m not sure what it will do to the finish , but liquid dish soap (Dawn) will remove most waxes.


True that, easy way to strip wax from a car but I’m hesitant to involve water in any way with the receiver and FCG. Should be fine with the magwell, though. I’m heading out for supplies in a bit and will have to grab a small bottle of Dawn.


@chilipepper Some of the release agents I’ve seen say to use mineral spirits to remove the wax residue.


goof off pulls the wax off.


Give WD40 a shot, it seems to work on removing stuff like adhesive real quick.


@spoolnaround Welcome to the Brotherhood.

And the winner is…WD40! Not sure what the makeup of the release wax supplied with the stock was, but it was really tough stuff and unlike any paste wax I’ve seen.

I did grab some Dawn and while it wasn’t completely ineffective, it didn’t do as well as I had hoped. Only have one local hardware store on the island and I didn’t make it there before close so while mineral spirits might have worked, I was unable to test. Same goes for Goo Off. I had plenty of WD40 on hand so that was my next option after the Dawn. The wax still put up a fight but after letting it soak a bit, it finally came off.

Cleaning, lubing and reassembling now, will post photos of the the RAP sporting the new stock and bolt bits shortly. :+1:t3:


:+1:t2: Glad it worked! Its amazing the simplest thing in the garage we have that do so much more than we anticipate.