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Steel feedramp, will not extract?

Has anyone had issues with replacing the feedramp and cannot eject spent case?
1st generation 40 cal sub that I shoot in USPSA, so lots of rounds. . Had metal trigger and spring kit. No issues, love it.
2nd update was trigger bar (before I knew about the taking off the corner) and steel feed ramp. Took out the trigger bar as it was caught by the bolt and mangled. Put in original with no issues.
At the range, 1 round and not only did it not eject, the bolt apparently did not cycle. Not for lack of power, I had to use a wooden handle to force back the bolt.
Empty case was scare along about 60 degrees for 1/4 inch above the rim.
Tried again, same thing. And could not open the sub in the middle either.
Came home. Appears the case is getting stuck behind the feed ramp. Anyone see this? Why?


I have about 800 rounds on the mcarbo stuff and this last range session, the bolt started to stick and the trigger would get stuck for some reason, I took it apart and the mcarbo trigger spring was a bit bent out of shape, I put the oe hammer spring back in and it seems to be functioning fine, I did clean it a bit while I had it open

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No troubles with the steel feedramp here, but I’m curious as to the fix for those who are having problems. Mine’s in 9mm and it runs like buttah.

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Have a match Sat. So put the original polymer ramp back in and ran to the range. All is back to normal so need to find out why the issue with the metal ramp.

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Please let us know what the issue was if/when you find out. :+1: