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Steel feed ramp sub 2000

Thank you Chris for an informative forum.

I own a Gen 2 sub 2000 in .40. I bought the steel feed ramp from MCarbo as I feel this is a huge shortcoming on this carbine. I have watched the videos on the trigger replacement. At what point of disassembly can I merely change the feed ramp without taking everything apart?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


The feed ramp can be swapped as soon as the grip halves are split.


You’re probably going to end up splitting the grips completely anyway because something in the trigger guts will most likely go “boing!” Just watch the long MCARBO video on installing the trigger stuff and it will be easy to get back together. I got mine back together correctly the first time, each time, the couple of times I’ve had mine apart. It’s a good drill any S2K owner should experience first hand anyway. You’ll see how simple inside it really is. :+1:


Totally agree with @Wedge here. I just split mine apart today to install the new SS Hammer Bushing part. It definitely went “boing” as Wedge so eloquently put it. Parts kinda go everywhere. At least enough so you have to reset everything anyway.


Yeah, the leg of the hammer spring at the rear is sometimes hard to keep in place even when you know to watch it because it barely hooks under the steel frame pin. It’s held securely when the two halves are screwed together tight, but as you start to separate them. “Boing!” LOL


Yup. Every time without fail. Lol.