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Steel case 9mm in PC9

Does anyone run their PC9 with steel case ammo? I know brass case is cheap but I am interested on shooters experiences.


I don’t run steel cased ammo in any firearm I own and likely never will, regardless that it can be had on the cheap. There are a number of reasons for this but the main one for me is that the important parts of my guns are made from steel and aluminum alloy and, much like the cleaning tools I use, I want the materials that come in contact with these important bits to be softer as to reduce the potential for damage, wear and extend the life of the firearm.


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I have tried steel 9mm only 15 rds. thru my p07 gave the rest to my former co-worker who needed to pass our quarterly qualification. Sticking to brass. P.S. my wife use steel case 38’s in her revolver. Steel case expanded so bad could not eject cases with eject rod. Had to tap on rod with some force to remove steel cases. Never again.


I’ve been running steel exclusively through my PC9. I run around 50K steel cased rounds per year through various firearms. Can’t remember the last time a round failed to fire or was a squib. In my experience, the steel case ammo of today is much superior to the steel case ammo of 15 or 20 years ago.

About the only thing that has been seen is occasionally a fired case won’t fully eject out of the PC9 and will get pinched between the bolt and the ejection port. It’s rare tho. Since this is the only firearm that will do this here I figured it is a PC9 thing. Over 10K of the exact same ammo through a 320 X5 this last year have not produced one malfunction.


I agree with you except I have no problem shooting steel from an SKS, AK, etc. - they’ve been eating steel from the day they were made. I’ll even tolerate corrosive primers because I always clean a weapon immediately after using it - that’s part of the enjoyment. :smile:


I might be wrong on this but I don’t think steel works well for reloading. Everything has a lifespan but I suppose I like the idea that my range sorts a fair quantity of spent casings for recycling in some form and that my spanking new spent brass might get reused a few times before it’s no longer useful.


I use steel case ammo whenever I do not want to pick it up at the range.
It works well in all of my 9mm, even my gen2 sub2k.
Same with 5.56 AR 15 guns.
And I have never considered reloading steel case ammo.
Same with aluminum case stuff… All of this stuff shoot it and leave it.

Steel case ammo uses Berdan primers which have 2 holes for the ignition charge opposed 180 degrees. This means that the tool to press them out of the casing would have to be perfectly oriented. Brass case ammo uses Boxer primers which have one hole in the center.

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I’ve never used steel or aluminum and I doubt I ever will…however…I do enjoy the conversation and hearing from those with experience.

I guess if I got some it would be for adding to my “collection” nothing wrong with that at all…
thank you!..:v::boom: