M*CARBO Brotherhood

Status: 100% Complete

Do you have any firearms that are 100% complete?
No other upgrades, accessories or mods needed?

Of the 50+ firearms I own I think I have only a few.
My Sig P210 was designed and build perfectly.
Bond Arms Bullpup 9, doesn’t really need anything.
Actually, my P365 is pretty much done. XL SAS.

I think my Sub-2000 is very close to 100%, just need optics.
I have an optic ordered. If it does the job, the sub will be done.
Until MCarbo comes out with another upgrade I’ll have to have.

I’m always updating and upgrading all my AR-15’s.
I have a few that are close to finished. Optics, same as my Sub.
Working on getting all the triggers upgraded. Then fine tuning.
Probably my most complete AR-15 is my 9mm carbine.

My P226 is very close to finished. only need the flat trigger.


@ValorSolo, wait you are telling me there are upgrades, accessories and mods I can do to these things? I think my wife is going to need to get another job! :joy::joy:.
But seriously though my collection is not quite that big and I find I do a little to each one rather than take one to the 100% mark. I’d say my ar 15 is likely closest with the exception of finding the optic I really like. Well and the S2K barring a few MCarbo adds. Problem is when I do finish one I’ll have to get a new one to start on👍 and she can only work so many hours a week.


This, exactly. But I’m trying to get a few off the project list.


Believe it or not, most of mine are now 100%. With exception to maybe some new grips on the recently acquired P220 (about as indecisive as squirrel in a nut shop on this one at the moment), I’m feeling pretty good about the configuration of the collection. That said, compared to many of you, my “collection” at 6.5 handguns, 3 ARs, 2 PCCs, a lever gun and a bolt action rifle probably sounds more like the haul after a good day at a gun show…so I might not really be on the map here… :grinning:


There’s some in this country that would say that is an arsenal.
Of course those folks don’t want you to have any guns at all.
To me, you have a very good collection, with room for more.


And there it is…baiting the hook again, I see… :rofl:

You’re an evil man, Charles…and yes, I fully realize you’ll take that as complement… :grinning:




So, I started in on an answer. I had to stop when my wallet spontaneously combusted. Seems I’m done with many until I start in on considering specific firearms.

My Sub 2000 is a great example. It is sooooo close I can call it done. But I’m sitting on an Odin Works Zulu Stock that is earmarked to replace the Minimalist it presently sports.

I also considered my Glenfield 25 - my oldest firearm. I don’t wanna change her, but her stock can do with a refinish.

With some sadness, I was only able to identify one 100% complete example in my collection: Glory - My Marlin 7000T is absolutely complete. And, she’ll stay that way if I don’t steal her optic for another rig.

So I’m thinking a $20k Optics Planet Buy; would raise about half my collection to 100%. Problem is I can’t be trusted to finish anything before diversifying my collection.


I have one* I consider 100% no further mods/upgrades required.

  • the actual number may be different from that shown. :rofl:

Seriously though, The only one I consider 100% is one that was built, each part considered and ordered for the specific goal.


Does 100% exist? I have a 100% stock
Ruger SR9.


100 % done… for now:


@em44052 That CZ 75 with the G10 grips is beautiful!


Thanks @Shelby, it is one of my favorites.


Pretty confident in saying all of my 40+ firearms are complete and need no upgrades or additional accessories. FOR MY USE. Someone else might say otherwise based on their use. Okay, maybe the Sub2000 could use some upgrades, but I’ll be damned if I’m throwing any more money into that money pit. I’ll sell it for a loss before I put anything else into it. That is the ONLY firearm I bought that I regret doing so.


I may have another to add, the correct 6 hole handguards for the XM project have shipped, might arrive tomorrow, or the next day, I don’t know.


@Popeye Have to agree. I like shooting it but I’ve spent nearly as much on upgrades as the original purchase price just to get it up to acceptable quality. I didn’t get every upgrade but I won’t spend any more on it or the PMR-30. I don’t begrudge M*Carbo making a profit and I don’t exactly regret buying the subbie, but I doubt I’ll buy another Kel-tec firearm.

Kel-tec could have spent just a little more for quality components (plastic feed ramp and hammer bushing?!? really?!?) and charged a little more for the improvements, but they cut too many corners and charged too much for what I paid for. Just my opinion.


Yes, I own an SBR with Suppressor, I just got the SeeAll MK2 tritium nite sight with 45° riser mount today and scraped my Diamond Back iron sights that flipped out an up. The scope I own is nothing to write home about just a 1<6 made likely made in China but seems to work well in the 50<75 meter range even seems to be accurate enough out to 100 meters.

Everything is finally done and engraved at of 1:30 today… bow time to build an AR9 for my GF.


Great topic. I’m like the rest here. Are we ever really “done” with our guns?
That being said, my EDC gun, a Taurus G2C is “probably” done.
Now, my Steel Challenge race guns, WHOLE different story. I don’t think they’ll ever be done.