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State of MCARBO December 2019

Greetings Brotherhood! I come to you with a message from MCARBO President @ChrisNelson

We’re finally caught up on some things. Keeping Optic Mounts In Stock. KEL-TEC is buying them and selling them on their website…which is pretty cool. Kind of crazy when we get a check signed by George Kellgren in the mail.

We’ve focused a lot of time and attention to the Ruger PC Carbine lately…especially since Ruger started offering a more functional folding stock for the PC Carbine. Making it a much more useful pistol caliber carbine. We’re working on correcting some of the common failure points and wear items as guys are running into issues with the PC.

At the moment we’re finishing up the New Mag Catches for the PC Carbine to allow shooters the option to run M&P mags, CZ 75 mags and Beretta mags…similar to what is offered for the SUB-2000.

I still favor the SUB-2000 as my go to PCC and like it more than the PC Carbine but the PC is a close second. I really like the SUB2K over the PC due to the lightweight and folding aspect of the SUB-2000.

As the Military Carbine Brotherhood it just made sense to offer more PCC enhancements across the board. We are looking into the next PCC that everyone is interested in…any suggestions? We just picked up a Grand Power Stribog and have been messing around with that. Decent price point but twice as much as the SUB2K off the shelf. We’ve identified a couple things that could be improved with it already. Thoughts on this one?

We’re doing a lot more custom work here in house, which is fun and keeps things interesting for us. If anyone needs anything that’s certainly available here: https://www.mcarbo.com/custom-shop.aspx

Really appreciate everyone’s support and participation here in the forum. It’s a busy time of year here as the holidays approach and everyone is stuffing stockings with guns, ammo and parts!

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and wishing you a Merry Christmas from the M*CARBO Team.

I had a Great Thanksgiving and my Wife surprised me with a New Shooting Experience…Cowboy Mounted Shooting Lesson. Riding a Horse and Shooting Six Shooters at the same time! Had a blast and would highly recommend it.

This is a sport that has been around for only the last 20 years…Google CMSA (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association). I posted a video of me running a lane on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mcarbotriggers/ I always wanted to be a Real Cowboy! haha.

I went ahead and added these categories AR-15, PC Carbine, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun. Let me know if there are any others we need. Also if you think there are some we should delete. It’s all up to you guys.

Thank You,

Chris Nelson

M*CARBO President | Technical Team Manager

Also, if you all have any ideas/suggestions for a holiday giveaway please PM one of the moderators. Thank you.


got a suggested platform for you to make parts for, cheap price range, needs ,needs special touch parts. triggers, sights, stock, magazines you name it. Henry AR7
glad you had a good thanksgivin brother!


Out of town for Black Friday Sale…No Cyber Monday?


Awesome that you’re doing mag catches for the MC Carbine. Already got the Sub2K but choices are always good.

Seems like MCARBO is doing well, glad to hear it!


@Tziegler Welcome to the Brotherhood. Don’t forget to go to the First Post Here: Introduce Yourself! thread and say Hi to everybody.


Highly interested in the grand power striborg platform planning on acquiring one in the near future. will be interesting to see what you guys do.


Any chance of getting Sig P226 and P320?


Will see what we can do!


Any thoughts for other CZ Scorpion accessories/upgrades other than the trigger kit? I like the way my finger rests on the stock right side safety when safe but it comes close to poking me when in fire.