M*CARBO Brotherhood

State Of MCARBO 2019


This news sounds awesome. Can’t wait until everything is up and running and its bussiness as usual. Great parts, better company.


So how do we sign up for the review and test for the mount ?


@alpico once I get the mount in hand I will create a separate thread outlining the contest rules. :+1:t2:


@Gatekeeper please check your PM sir.


Personally speaking, I am ALWAYS itching for an 80% (M*CARBO) build kit. I am sure that many of us will support the store and each other on this??? There are many DIY firearm ‘tinkerers’ to go around! @ChrisNelson


Can’t wait until the part installation is up and running. @ChrisNelson makes it look way too easy in his videos. That is the kind of professional workmanship I want. But I’m pretty sure that I would find a way to muck it up. Can’t wait. You guys are my heros. Lol.



That is all outstanding! Look forward to the testing.:+1::+1::+1:


Thats just awesome news, I bought my Sub2k as a multipurpose carbine and finding MCARBO was the best thing for me. Joining was the icing.