M*CARBO Brotherhood

State of MCARBO 2019

Greetings Brotherhood! Lets skip the formalities and get right into it!

Chris and the MCARBO crew are moving this Saturday into their freshly remodeled 7,000 sq. ft. new building! You can imagine how busy they are between running a business, Shot Show 2019, and moving into a new facility!

MCARBO is now a legally approved Type 7 FFL which means they can manufacture guns!

MCARBO is in the process of adding new equipment for QC and Laser Engravers for Serial Numbers plus Customization Engraving options!

MCARBO is also adding a services component to install customer parts. Much the same as sending your firearm to Kel-Tec to install parts. You can now send directly to MCARBO without having to use an FFL to ship to them.

MCARBO will also be maintaining a small store front with guns and parts for sale!

Chris is pleased with the forum and very grateful for all of your continued support. Chris would like to see a monthly giveaway focused on MCARBO products too!

For the big announcement,

Chris has put his trust in me to receive the first MCARBO Sub-2000 Optic Mount for test, evaluation, and review! This comes with a caveat. I will be extensively testing the Optic Mount with lots of videos and documentation. After I have spent some time with the mount, I’m thinking around 1-2 weeks, I will run a giveaway to select the second person to test the Optic Mount out. This will be a very quick giveaway to get the Optic Mount out and on to the winner. The Optic Mount winner is welcome to test, evaluate, review, and report back their findings and then PLEASE pass the mount on to whoever they choose. We’d like to see this Optic Mount get into as many hands as possible and possibly end up in the hands of users that are really going to put it through its paces!

It’s an incredible time to be alive and to be a part of the MCARBO Brotherhood where Chris and the crew are so invested in their products and the people using them! Here’s to all that 2019 brings!


Biggest take away, Screw Kel-Tec if they want to hold up installs, MCARBO will do it! :smiley: Sooner the better since it seems in between (Keltec long and MCARBO not starting yet) I’ll wait for them to do it and then order my parts.


Ordering MCARBO parts and having them installed in-house will be awesome for those who don’t want to do it themselves. Other than warranty work, there will be no real need for aftermarket support from Kel-Tec. :+1:


Sort of a 2 week hot potato for the 2nd mount to test and pass on. I like the idea, but in practice it may be difficult because if one of the people in the “pass-it-along” chain who like all of us waiting so long can’t part with it because they love it so much the chain will be broken. What will we do if such a scenario happens?


Publicly shamed and possibly banned if it were up to me and they willfully kept it. We’d know who they were and they’d know that, too, if they still decided to keep it anyway knowing it’s against the rules. Maybe Chris should get a credit card number on file from the next person before it gets shipped to them.


Honor just like NIfty-Fifty. WE shipped a Canon 50 F1.8 around the world and posted photos of it. TOok so long we added one for Europe, Asia and 2 in America. They went fine for a good while, very rare we had to replace one and that was hundreds of people.


@Kona Is Chris’ intention to have it eventually shipped back to MCARBO after it makes its rounds? If not, how is the last person/keeper going to be decided?


Awesome update, that’s super good news to hear! Look forward to all the range videos👍


@wedge I have no idea. I was just so excited and announced it. I’m sure it will all be ironed out when the time comes. I plan to put it through it’s paces fast and get it on to the next person as quick as possible. I’m so excited to be the first but I’m also just as excited to get it to everyone else.


Oh, ya, youbetchya…



@wedge I’m sitting here thinking of all the possibilities and I think it would be awesome for each person that gets the mount to sign it with a sharpie and then when it makes its way back to Chris he’d have the first in the wild Optic Mount signed by all the Brotherhood testers!


best of luck with the testing @Kona
you will have everyones support in the brotherhood:+1::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Team M*CARBO ‘shooter endorsement…’ I think this is a great concept! Who else can put any product through its paces and certify it before it goes to market??? @ChrisNelson @Kona. It will definitely change the ‘playing field?’ The consumer will indeed benefit with a better built quality component… This program seems like a WINNER to me!


Kudos to the M*CARBO Team for a year of impressive accomplishments. The future is full of promise for this Team. Well done and congratulations.

And, I’m gonna register my interest in getting into the que. I hate the idea of falling in love and letting it go, but I’ve got my entire system hinging on this optic mount so I’ll do my part.

I’m willing to do 5 + 1 days of evaluation consisting of a 17 round mag of Gold Dots on each of 5 consecutive days following a day sighting the See-all. I’d sight it in on Sunday, toss it into my soft bag (hard case too cushy for testing) which would ride with my tools in the back of my truck for a week. I have a target camera system so I can do target video documenting zero performance through the cycle. The only day I can produce action footage would be Zero-up Sunday 'cause I’d be testing alone between jobs on M-F. I can then zero my Holosun Shaketowake and repeat with 10 rounders or with ball if 2 weeks are available.

Footnote: Just yesterday, I decided to let my range membership expire on March 1st. So I’ll be unable to provide serious testing between 3/1 and 8/1 when the club I’m jumping to opens up for new membership. Least, this was my plan - but I do have until March 1 to renew and I want to participate in the testing so I’m compelled to consider letting my memberships double up. So if I get tapped before 3/1, I will preserve my ability to test on multiple consecutive days.


If you get chosen to test the optic mount and your membership has lapsed at the range i can always take you out there as my guest, i have already renewed my membership. Only request is that you allow me to try that optic mount also. Maybe Mcarbo could put me in line behind you and you could pass it on to me for a few days. Ive got thousands of rounds ready to go downrange.
I have a new red dot sight ready to mount and am willing to risk outright buying a test mount for evaluation. I have enough faith in Mcarbo products that i believe their testing has already worked out any bugs.


@texprep @dred once the second tester is selected it’s up to y’all who gets it. There will only be the one contest for the second tester and after that y’all can decide amongst yourselves who gets it next. It’ll be more clearly defined when I post the thread for it. :+1:t2:


I would seriously like to test with my 2X magnified optic. The red dot won’t lie for sure. I am about to buy a scope mount for my phone to film the range time. Has anyone here ever use this or something like it?


Really warm congrats to @ChrisNelson and all MCARBO wild bunch for this important step !!!
Intrigued on looking forward at the @Kona test and all the others that will follow…
I would really like to test the mount but for now, I’ll stay on the sideline 'cause I’m often traveling abroad for my job so I’ll have no time for a test… I’m anyway confident that you guys have all the requirement to express a constructive and reasonable opinion about it.

Cheers to ya’ll!


@Wedge @Gatekeeper ‘’ Hang Em’’:rofl: Cold Weather testing in Alaska’ But the Lower States have been getting more Snow and Below Zero weather, So that won’t fly in this Scenario.


I cant thank ya till tomorrow Kona, but most excellent brother… and with with the up in manufacturing status, does that me maybe a all alloy receiver in the near future for the sub 2000??? HummmmmmmM?:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: