M*CARBO Brotherhood

Starting to like this

Right out of the box I was pretty impressed with it’s accuracy.
Now that I decided to make it a little better for the wife as well as I to shoot, I think I caught the bug.
So far, heavy bolt, life saver, Missouri tactical buttstock pad and a gatorhide bolt tube cover. Here in a couple days I should have a break for it in my mailbox. Spreading the fun tickets around to several American companies. Lol
Now please exuse me, I have to order up a new trigger and guard for it from Mcarbo.
Then we will start thinking about a flip over red dot.
It’s got so few rounds through it, I am not going to worry about internals just yet.


Also I’m thinking a fore grip, but I can’t make up my mind. It’s technically being built for her and she has fairly small hands, but I don’t, so I am trying to find something in the middle that I like.
Any suggestions???


Fab Defense. the got a good kick to em for your wrist.

if ya want to do one with a light mount…

and use their light.


Agree 100% with @GOBLIN. I’ve had many Foregrips on mine looking for the Goldilocks version for my self. I finally went with the Fab 7 position folding grip. What a difference from the others. The polymer is a good quality and the grip is rock solid, not much play at all for a folding grip. The only problem would be the button to change the fold is very stiff. This could be a problem for your wife if she can’t fold it too easy. But the Fab is by far the best I’ve used.


That’s exactly what I am trying to avoid is buying a bunch of stuff I/she doesn’t like. Nothing seems like a bigger waste of time to me than doing the same thing twice. Not to mention the $.
Sometimes it’s just easier to ask. I get that it’s a custom type thing, but even then some stuff just works better.

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