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Standard manufacturing has done it again

Standard Manufacturing came out with one of weirdest pistols I’ve ever seen a few years Ago called the thunderstruck.

Now they have a new one called the Switch gun:
Maybe it’s me but I don’t really see a use for the Thunderstruck, it looks pretty bulky. It might be a good purse gun since it fires two .22mag shells simultaneously BUT that trigger! The switch gun I just saw advertised and don’t think it’s hit the market yet but it’s supposed to be smaller than a cell phone. If you visit their website They do have a pretty Damascus 1911 that’s great to look at but I don’t think I’d carry it.


It looks alot like my naa mini revolver when i have the folding grip/clip on it. The double barrel of the thunderstruck has made me want one since i first seen them. Still havent bought one but deffently on my list of guns to buy when i have play money laying around. So it want be anytime soon.


Yes: from the photo, it definitely resembles my NAA with Holstergrip.

Regarding the Thunderstruck, I know 2 folks that have bitten. Neither was able to tolerate the trigger long enough for me to get a go.