Stainless Steel Feed Ramp Polish Kit


@xxKilgore92xx I hear ya, buddie. I probably have over $600.00 into this firearm now. Thinking I should have just bought an AR. But AR doesn’t fold in half, and 9mm is cheaper than most to shoot. I have every part but the sling attachment also.


AR does fold in half :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: here is the F&D Defense AR15. thy do exist, but they are not cheap…

FD%20DEFENSE%20FOLDING%20AR%203 check out the XAR Invicta
$2,499.99 price tag…


@Jperr I have the heavy charging handle the shock absorber the muzzle brake and the rubber cover. I’m just waiting on that overtime check to hit the bank and I’ll be itching to really shoot this thing again. Even though it’s a pain in the ass to clean. @GOBLIN that’s nasty. That might be my top out present.


@xxKilgore92xx law tactical does a folding AR stock as well, for AR’s you currently own,
if you have a stamped SBR that would be exceptional to size down the footprint,
www, , and at$229, is a affordable add on, but you do have to lock before firing, MPN::LTGEN3M made by LAW TACTICAL works on either Direct Impingement or piston guns, AND,
DEAD FOOT ARMS had their new offering this year at shot show 19, with a folding stock /folding barrel AR15 they already made a folding stock to retrofit to a AR,($500 and up) now they have come out with a 2 fold origami AR15 I would love to give it a walk in the weeds so to speak. their new FOLDAR is aval in 223 wylde and 300BO the builders kit, to use your doner AR and their parts, is $1,350 and thats a thick but small package to drop in a small ruck or case…

The XAR INVICTIA has a proven track record, as far as wear tear and reliability, but for cost effectiveness, and the fact i like to tweak on my own guns anyway, I think the DEAD FOOT ARMS FOLDAR kit would be the way to go…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


I stand corrected. Nice.

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Yeah we talked about these before on the PDW thread…in my opinion, if you find you have that much need and can spend that much $$ then just pay for the stamp and go with an SBR! :grin::+1:

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