Stainless Steel Feed Ramp Polish Kit


Definitely worth it.


ok, m*carbo peeps, here’s a wrench to toss into this convo: I installed every internal component into my g23 s2k, but didn’t feel like polishing the feed ramp; anyone else as lazy as I? and, if so, any feedback as to the consequences of my inaction? thanks in advance…peace


Eventually it should polish up after a couple thousand rounds are fired through it. Polishing it just reduces the likelihood of FTF and helps reduce carbon build up on it.

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@sub2000rexxx @aadavis94 polished mine like a mirror, only use federal or speer ammo and it still is covered in soot and gunk! :hushed:

Of course part of the problem is me. If I just SLOWED down my shooting a bit it wouldn’t be so bad. But since thats never going to happen I just have to deal with it.

And that leads me to the greatest issue I have with the S2K…the difficulty in cleaning it. :angry:


I agree doing a deep clean is a pain unless you take the grip halves apart. Instead I use Hoppe’s foaming cleaner and let it soak for about 5 min then blow it out with a can of compressed air.


@aadavis94 I use pretty much the same stuff except I have an air compressor.

Doesn’t do much for the build up around the ejector tab and all of that weird open space around the feed ramp.

Best I can manage is a clean bore and bolt face. Just keep the rest of the crud from building up too much until I simply can’t stand it anymore! :grimacing:

Honestly I don’t think there is a way to keep the feedramp on an S2K mirror clean without a full tear down.


I figured as long as I can keep it clean enough to keep it running it’s good enough.


@aadavis94 and you are right on that. As I posted on another thread a simple blowback is a dirty but robust weapon. It will run dirty with no real issues. Only a few key areas actually need attention.

But being who I am, having a dirty gun bugs the piss outta me! :triumph:


I’m the same way. I was raised that the first thing you do after shooting a firearm is clean and oil it. The S2K is my exception to that rule. Luckily there aren’t a whole lot of complicated moving parts that can be fouled up.

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@aadavis94 I still clean the barrel, pull the bolt, and try to get as much out of the receiver that I can with Hoppes and an air compressor…

But I wouldn’t call it clean…just good enough that I can live with it. Lol

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@Johnksg Even after all these Months and Our last talk on This :astonished: it’s still hard to Wrap My head around the idea of a ‘‘dirty gun is a happy gun’’ :crazy_face:
So I Cheat’ carb clean and Dentist style air nozzle and the old compressor for the bad areas.:sunglasses:

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I use Shine seal a lot. If ive just buffed out a frame or engine cases, or wheels, any part, that is exposed to dust dirt and /or the elements, (used to be called Zoop Seal, company changed names when the owner improved product) I use Shine seal. No corrosion, carbon/brake dust wipes right off. you simply reapply the coat, wipe on wipe off, about every 6 months.
wipe the the feed ramp clean with a long stick swab. sealer is expensive, but bottle will last forever. and if you do it correctly, you will never have to buff again…


@GOBLIN Great Knowledge, is this like a Teflon coating? sounds Wonderful’:heart_eyes:


I know and if it makes you feel better I still struggle with it as well! Its just how blowbacks and even DIs were designed.

But the Marine Sgt in me rages at a dirty weapon!


nope. its a penetrate coating, wipe it on, let it set a min, wipe it off dry. seals the pore’s in the metal. 0 buildup.:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


@Johnksg I’m sure it does’ I was going to say my DI is rolling in his grave on even thinking this way about a weapon’ And how many’‘Get Down and Give Me’s’’ I did the first Time I missed a piece of carbon!!:rofl:


@DivaMarie as if you could even get such a weapon through the armory hatch in the first place! :joy:


@aadavis94 @Jperr I’m gonna have as much in this little rifle as I do in my ar. Lol


@sub2000rexxx I did a little research before I polished mine and quite a few people didn’t polish there’s and had zero issues. Also when I first started shooting my sub with the 33 round mag I would get a failure to eject. But after about 100 rounds everything went smooth


Same here. I’ve put every MCARBO part on except the sling attachment. I’m gonna order the folding optic attachment as soon as it’s availble too.