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Staging A Home Defense Mecca... Enter A Tactical Control Environment Of A Hallway!

I have a hallway that is approximately 8 yards long. I have 2 bedrooms on the North side of the Hallway; 1 Bedroom/Office at the West end of the Hallway and a Bathroom on the South side of the Hallway.

I’ve talked to my family about using the Office area as the assembly area (the office has a large closet behind the bathroom wall). However, the first Northside bedroom is close to the dining area which has a sliding & french door combination. Moving from this first bedroom would take valuable time for my Son to move to the end of the hall. I do have door braces we can use for both bedrooms which I could have my family utilize while I take my weapons to the office area to protect the hallway. I have a handgun and Kel-Tec Sub 2000 carbine with high capacity magazines.

This might sound funny, but I have a 180 round battery operated BB gun that fires at 240 fps like a machine gun and could be used as suppressing fire until the family can move to a safe space where I can utilize my regular firearms.

I’d like your opinions on how to properly protect the hallway and your thoughts on using the office area for family assembly and defense.


Steve, your set-up sounds like it would be perfect for ‘trip sensor’ security lights to really mess with any intruder? You would NEVER have to worry about a KILL SHOT? You can affect one’s thought ‘forever’ and give em’ PTSD, for sure??? :thinking:

If all else fails…The movie, SCREAM would have another Box Office Hit on their hands??? :+1:

No…just no! :astonished:

Just have your actual firearm with you. Put in a locker beside your bed or something if safe storage is an issue.

Edit: I am not trying to be flippant or rude. I just can think of nothing worse than bringing a toy gun to a gunfight!


Thanks Gentlemen. Good food for thought. Both of your ideas are very sound.

John I hear ya. I do keep my handgun next to my bed. I’m a light sleeper, however, my Wife and Son are not. Wanted to figure a good way to secure the hallway to keep my family safe while I act on the threat. I do have exterior lights on all the time and cameras focused on the front and back.

This is why I like this forum. Solving problems by generating useful ideas from variable viewpoints.

Thanks guys!


Airsoft can definitely hurt!


@Wedge that guy was a creep! He shot that poor little kid in the back?!

Oh for the days when that guy would have been bum rushed and received an attitude adjuatment! :angry:


Yeah, it was over some BS dispute. Apparently, the kid he shot burned his team’s patch, which I guess is a huge diss or something in the Airsoft world. :roll_eyes:


Stirred up a hornets nest here didn’t I. My H & K MP7 would only be used to defend my family and home from individuals that wish to do us harm. I mentioned it as a way to hold intruders at bay and in conjunction with my primary firearms. If home invaders decide to break into my home I’m going to use whatever tools I have at my disposal to eliminate the threat.

My wife would prefer to use the H & K, while I use my primary firearms.

I appreciate the feedback.


@Goober6291 without knowing the details of your home and the abilities of your family (and I for one don’t want you to post that) all I can give you is generalities.

My family practices a fire drill and a “bad guy” drill twice a year. One of these is during the day and one at night.

My wife will take her pistol equipped with laser/light and a phone and cross the hall, while I cover her with KSG shotgun and body armor, to the boy’s room.

The bedroom furniture we bought was purposefully heavy, solid wood pieces and are positioned to give a defender maximum cover.

All of this works for us because my wife embraces shooting. I have even squadded together on various 3-gun and DMG shoots. She understands the tactics and I trust her ability completely. :grin::+1:


Good morning John,

Thank you for the response. Your information is very sound and I’ll use it to make my home defense plan more viable.

My wife isn’t real comfortable (yet) with using my handgun. I plan on mounting a laser and light to the handgun so she feels more secure in hitting what she aims at.

Still wish I had kept my M1 carbine, a great firearm, and my .22 Hornet.

Again, thank you John for great information.




Steve I am not sure how I helped? What I was trying to say in my long winded, circular, beat around the bush fashion is…

Your partner is the most IMPORTANT element to any home defense plan!

Thats the place to start. No plan survives contact with enemy, no defensive preperation can replace good training. :grin::+1:


You helped by bringing up a very important part of a home defense plan. I discussed your thoughts with my Wife today and she feels more comfortable with plans to help me in case of home invasion.


@Goober6291 well good for both of you! My wife started with a simple pistol class years ago and now she on the range more than I am! (And that’s alot.)

Get her a class by a reputable instructor/coach, be ready to buy WHATEVER GUN she thinks she wants, help guide her into a shooting group that meets on a regular basis. Do those things and you may find yourself like me…

Holding your wife’s purse at Cabelas while she is shopping for tactical shotguns! :blush: