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Staccato C2 Duo Carry; Worth it?

@RclarkeRVA Was it $2000 fantastic?


For a 9mm double stack yes absolutely. I like the P Duo best. I had a bad run with red dots before, but after running the one that was set up right it was totally different for me. The best I had all day of course was the XC with compensator, what a laser! $$$$$$$$


@RclarkeRVA was it set up with the DeltaPoint Pro. I know that is the only red dot that will directly fit the Staccato D2 Duo. If I went with the Delta Point Pro, I would also get the optional rear sight from Leupold.

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No worries, no offense, I was just being a bit of a cheeky monkey. :grinning:

Yeah, that wasn’t really directed at you, specifically. I suspect most if not all the folks here have enough sense and would be considerate enough not to invite themselves into a stranger’s home at 3am. I do pity the poor bastard who does, though…

I’m with you there. I’ve got a 7 shot .357 mag revolver I call “the Alamo” in case things go pear shaped, but my go-to is now a dead reliable Mossberg 12 gauge loaded with a sundry of large hole making rounds. I start out with some #8 to wake them up and tenderize the meat, and if that doesn’t work, some follow up buckshot to put 'em to sleep. I’ve got neighbors on three sides, no more than some wood studs, fiberglass insulation and few layers of gyp board away, making most of the guns in the stash no bueno for fear of unwanted collateral damage.

You and me both. What’s worse is I didn’t know it at the time. My home state is still pretty much like it was when I hunted in my teens (for the moment, anyway), but I had no clue what I was getting into when I moved. I traded a better job and better life for some pretty bad gun legislation.

Makes one wonder if bears like the taste of Democrat, or if they find them “too gamey”. Just putting a possible solution out there in case they get out of hand. :grinning:

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We tried using democrats as lobster bait, but that didn’t work out too well. Apparently even lobsters have standards. :rofl:


I’ve owned a bunch of STIs over the years, and probably still have 4-6. All have been set up, and used for competition. As I get older, my “carry” guns get smaller, and lighter. Although I have an optic on a couple of my carry guns, all have lasers. Over the years, I’ve seen EVERY brand of optic fail. If you’re just practicing, at the range, it’s no big deal. If you’re shooting a match that you paid $200-$300 entry fee, it pisses you off. If it happens on a self defense gun, it’s not acceptable.
If you get the Stacco, please report back

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@RH45 Randy, I definitely will.

Still no Staccato, it is difficult to part with that much money right now. Maybe one day…

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