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Springfield Armory Hellcat spring kit thoughts

I have installed this kid and using it for a couple months now (as in shooting it).
After some pondering and consideration, I decided to put back the stronger, factory spring on the striker safety block. That spring is part 15 in the picture below.
Because that part is depressed fairly easy on the pre-travel part, being pushed in with an angled part of the trigger bar. In my testing it doesn’t feel like adding that much to the pull force (if anything).
On the other side that spring is essential in keeping that safety block in the “blocking striker” position, especially in case of a drop, when inertia from the blocker piece might overcome the spring.

Sure, the Hellcat striker is not fully armed before pulling the trigger, the sear travels a bit back before releasing. But that travel is so small that I am still feeling a bit worried about that unlikely drop situation.
Apex kit doesn’t replace that spring either.
PRP replaces both the spring and the striker safety block, but they give two different springs for that striker safety block.

Now, this is just my consideration, I am not saying that I am right or wrong.

PS: I love the stainless steel striker guide/guard.


Its really amazing from a patent perspective, how similar that is to a glock.


I saw that. It’s a good thing IMO… My Sig P365 is a bit more different, but I am not sure all that “different” is necessarily better in all the aspects. Trigger wise feels better (no wonders, it’s striker is fully armed all the time), but IMHO it’s not as safe for drops and such. The striker safety is not in the front part of the striker, but on the weird rear protrusion of the striker - that could break off.
My EDC is the Hellcat for that reason.


@SoNic, i had the same concern as you, at first. Anytime I do trigger work I test for the possibility of an accidental discharge. I will cock the gun on an empty chamber first. I will pound it on a wooden block from all sides and angles. If it passes that test, i will put in a cartridge with no powder or projectile but a good primer. I will repeat that test to make sure the firing pin doesn’t possibly strike the primer hard enough to set it off. The Hellcat, with the PRP trigger kit and Hyve Technologies Monarch trigger with all pretravel adjusted out (pretravel BEFORE it starts to engage the striker safety block) and reset set as short as possible passed with flying colors. If either pretravel or reset is set to short on the Hellcat it will not function. Made that mistake when I first did the trigger work and had to disassemble the upper before It could be removed from the frame to get to the trigger to readjust it. Pistol has been dropped a couple times and has held firm. No Problems Whatsoever.
Really, the only trigger I have ever had problems with is the Remington 700. It did not pass the bump test until i increased the trigger weight back up to about 3-1/2 lbs.
You have to do what you are comfortable with though. My EDC is also the Hellcat and I am very comfortable in the safety of the setup I have.

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Yeah, probably I would have been fine. I just couldn’t get from my mind that the safety block spring was weaker.
I saw on YT a video with the Monarch trigger saying the same thing… maybe it was you?

Next thing I am looking for is probably a metallic trigger. The OE one doesn’t fell good to me, maybe because I was spoiled with the one from P365XL. I keep feeling like is rubbing plastic on plastic, at the frame cut. I was hoping MCarbo will have them back in stock…


Not my video. You should check out the Monarch trigger. I’m like you I guess. I don’t like the feel of plastic triggers.

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