Springfield 1911DS Prodigy

Has anyone here been able to get their hands on one of these yet? Looks like they are trying to move in on the Staccato 2011 market.
Springfield released it on 9/1/2022


I find it very confusing. They call it a 1911 DS. But it has mag compatibility with 2011s instead of RIA 1911 A2/Para/Remington DS. It also uses the 2011 modular magwell ala STI/SVI/Stacatto.

Best characterization I found came from a USPSA competitor that competes with a Stacatto. He LOVED the Prodigy. In his words, it is Stacatto without the expert fitting and built with value level components like plastic trigger, and MiM sear.



Stacatto has “2011” copyrighted. If Springfield said theirs was a 2011 they would have to get permission from Stacatto and probably pay them royalties.


doH … I know STI left the party, but I figured SVI is still in the 2011 game. Since SVI was building them before Stacatto was a thing … is that really possible?


@Dred @Texprep the funny thing is, everybody’s acting like Springfield has invented this crazy new double stack, high capacity 1911. Competition shooters have been using them for decades. I mean, kudos for attempting to bring a budget 2011 option to the masses, but their marketing campaign is coming from a horrible angle. They should’ve done like a working man blue collar gun kind of thing.



4.5lb trigger with a phantom false wall means it’s actually priced competitively with ST/VI / Stacatto. Two reviewers have raved enough about the Prodigy grip texture enough that I suspect it may be better than the originals.

Seems it’s a GREAT value option that we won’t see folks retiring Stacattos to shoor.


Sorry, should have said STI owns the trademark, not copyright. This is from one of the articles above.

Let me stop here and clarify that Springfield does not claim the Prodigy is a 2011 nor call it that by name. They can’t. STI owns the trademark on the 2011 nomenclature, so the best Springfield or any updated 1911 maker can do is call it a modern version of a traditional design.