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Spring Kit for SIG P238

I recently bought the kit for my Kimber 380 and liked it so much that I decided to try it in my Sig P238. My average trigger pull for 5 pulls was about 7.0. After I installed the Spring kit my average dropped to 3.75 which is amazing, so much so that i had a hard time believing it. But when you take your time, cock the gun and slowly squeeze the trigger, you’ll know its true. What a difference


Welcome aboard @Pops nothing beats a good trigger.


Good to know, and welcome to the brotherhood Fred @Pops ! Thanks for the review, i havent heard any negatives about any of the Mcarbo spring kits .


I put the spring kit in my Sig P938 with similar results. Couldn’t be happier with it now.

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I have the Mcarbo spring kits in both my P238 and P938. I also installed the Grayguns aluminum trigger which includes a follower for the trigger spring. Much nicer feel and smoother than the serrated polymer OEM trigger.


I did the same with my Sig P938, Mcarbo springs and Grayguns trigger. What a difference, half the trigger pull from stock. I have the Sig P938 Sports 13 model.

My Sig P938 is also the Sports 13 model. My P238 is the Sports 12 model. Both are great shooters with the Hogue grips, extended mag, and night sights. How did you remove the trigger pin? I broke two punches trying to remove it and then ended up grinding the broken stub down flat and was able to use it to drive out the pin.

I used the most professional tool I could come up with - a gunsmith. A man’s got to know his limitations.

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I did three of them, wasn’t too bad, just followed the video to the”T”