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Spring kit for new ruger pcc model 19122

Warning to all who purchased the newest ruger pcc in 9mm ruger model 19122. Do not purchase the trigger spring kit or the recoil spring upgrade. Ruger has changed the tolerances on this model. The upgrade of these springs will give you results you won’t want! Like fully uncontrolled automatic firing. Mine went in burst of three to six rounds. Never predictable and always left you with a chambered round that didn’t cock the firing pin. Very dangerous and not to mention highly illegal! The fix, I was told by Mcarbo, was replace the original springs on trigger kit and recoil spring.


Just saw this now. Is this still a concern? I purchased the M*CARBO springs but have yet to install them.
Well, Hell’s bells! :sweat_smile:
I just figured out I did not buy any springs…

This must have been old news and got revised to bring it back from the dead.

The best way to improve the PCC trigger is just buy the Volquartsen TG9 trigger assembly. I put one in my 40S&W PCC and now have a fantastic 2.25lb trigger pull that’s 100% safe.