Spring kit for Mossberg MC2C failed

Hi folks,

I bought a new Mossberg MC2C and installed the Spring Kit for it.

While the video was excellent and very well done so that the exchange of three springs was super easy, one of them failed, and failed big time. It was the firing pin / striker spring - the biggest and heaviest one.

After installing the kit and reassembling the pistol with a full function check including trigger reset, I noticed that the trigger was not returning all the way forward unless I pushed or pulled on it the last little bit, (which it did not do before exchanging any of the springs), and that the trigger safety was catching on the recess in the frame; which it did not do before exchanging any of the springs.

I replayed the video several times to see the close up view of the exact position of the firing pin assembly parts and everything lined up exactly as shown with the slide off of course, including the slight distance of perhaps 1/16" that one part could go further forward fully in its recess.

I disassembled the firing assembly and trigger bar again as per the video and reassembled it with everything in its proper place - just as before, but when I pushed it all down into the frame, I pulled on the trigger and trigger safety with a steady pressure to keep it all as far forward as I could, and reassembled the gun. I did my full function check with reset and it worked great. YAY !! It was fixed. (or so I thought) Then I removed the slide again and oiled everything that needed oiling nice and smooth.

The next day (today), I took it out of its box to try it again. The problem had returned just as badly with every trigger pull or testing every reset. @#$% it !! As i thought about it for a few minutes, I realized that it may very likely be the fault of the new MCARBO firing pin / striker pin spring as it is not only lighter, but a good amount shorter, and perhaps its too short and/or too weak, or both, to push the trigger and trigger safety fully forward as it needs to like the factory spring did 100% reliably.

So I tested my theory and removed the MCARBO spring and reinstalled the factory spring, reassembled the slide, fully function checked the pistol, and VIOLA !! It was fixed and as good as new again. YAY for Tom !! Now I actually have total trust and confidence in my new pistol as I should.

So the moral of the story is that, for at least my specific MC2C, and the specific firing pin / striker pin that I got and installed; it failed big time to function as intended and as reliably as it should.

MCARBO … it’s time to go back to the drawing board and test other springs that are long enough and powerful enough to prevent this so much as one more time for anyone. Period. I’ve used a few of your spring kits for my CZ P09’s and my CZ P-07, and had a similar issue that I was able to resolve by (again) reinstalling the factory trigger return spring in each one.

I would strongly suggest using a spring of the same length but perhaps not as heavy and test the heck out of it, and then replace ALL of your MC2C kits with THAT new firing pin / striker pin spring.

Irritated, but not fed up, and realizing that every gun is different just as every spring is different due to tolerances, material strengths, etc. - now I’m happy with it as the sear spring and the firing pin blocker spring did help to lighten and smooth the trigger pull as I don’t care nearly as much about the weight of the pull as I care about its reliability every single time.

MCARBO: this one needs immediate re-evaluation and testing.




Hey Tom, have you tried reaching out to their customer support or tech team? I know I had this same exact issue before polishing or breaking in. After polishing, worked great! But I would recommend calling them and at least letting them know you’re experience so they can address it.

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I didn’t have the trigger reset problem. I did however have light primer strikes (8 or of 100 rounds). I replaced the factory striker spring and ran another 100 rounds. No issues with light primer strikes. I think a rework of the kit is probably in order.

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