M*CARBO Brotherhood

Spread The Word Full30 Videos

Hello M*CARBO Brotherhood!

I'm looking for help, twofold,

One, to spread the word about FULL30 videos, the more viewers, the more advertisers, the more it all grows


Two, to spread the word about FULL30’s efforts to unite firearms forums, we are looking to create a hub, a place where gun owners can hang out and wear their home colors, spread news, promotions and ultimately strengthen us.

We’ve set up badges like this one

Your user card shows where you’re from, an ambassador, you are also able to wear your home as a label


Ambassadors can be leaders and potentially admin and we encourage all FULL30 members to join visitors home forums.

As a member you get to the head of the line for your own channel or can simply get access to our Community Channel to post your weekend shoot etc


So please, stop by, introduce yourself, make sure I’m aware where you’re from, I hope to see some of you and maybe create a new map label.


Invite is still open, come fly your colors M*CARBO brotherhood,

say hello to:





We need to strengthen and unite!

What say you all?


what is M*CARBO ?

@Robert Printed on my new style t-shirts, “Military* Carbine* Brotherhood”.