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Speer TMJ ammo? TMJ ammo, not fmj!

anybody run Speer tmj ammo? cheap range ammo, looking at 1k rounds but would like to hear how the sub runs with it.


@oldseabee welcome to the forum mike


Welcome to the club…@oldseabee

ive seen cheap “MJ” Remington UMC ammo floating around, but not sure what the differences are between FMJ and MJ ammo. Im curious to hear our community reviews about usage… based on the video above, im not sure i see a downside.


@oldseabee Welcome aboard. TMJ is a new one to me. I’ve reloaded using 124gr 9mm CMJ (complete metal jacket) and had fair to good results.


thanks, always good to find like minded people

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watched that video, and found few other things about it, and I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. puzzled why it’s cheaper. thanks for the welcome

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I know what you mean about price. Seems as if it would be more costly.

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