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Special Announcement for Oct. rifle match's

The Deer Target has been revised. The 10 ring remains as is, the chest target is now modified to: the 9 ring will encompass the 8 ring (both the 9 & 8 ring will be worth 9 points) The 7 ring is now the 8 ring. (worth 8 points) If you have already printed your targets, not to worry, they will be scored according to this notification. The revised version is now at the link in the original announcement.
Good luck and good shooting.


Depending on your cache settings, you may need to refresh the deer target page. I did.


Crap, I already printed 10 copies. LOL
So glad I caught this now… I was on my way out today but rain set me back.
Guess if we use the later target it is an unofficial entry?

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As @Festus said in his post above, we considered that some may have already printed copies. The 9 ring now encompasses the previous 8 ring and the 7 ring now counts as an 8. Shoot those targets you already printed and score both 8 and 9 ring hits as a 9 and any in the 7 ring as an 8. If you get it wrong, the judges will recalculate for you.


OK, yes I read Festus post to quickly and missed that, good shooting all.