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Spare Glock Mag - Forend M-Lok Mount

Had some spare parts and fabricated a M-Lok spare Glock mag holder while watching the NFL playoffs. I think I prefer the buttstock spare mag holder but both have pros and cons. If you have big hands, you can use it as an angled fore grip. The forend position gives you the fastest tactical reload but adds weight and bulk to the forend.


I just finished my version of a butt stock mag holder fabricated with a pair of sub2k grip halves that involved a lot of cutting and grinding. Yours is pretty nifty in that it looks like it is basically bolt on?? Have you already posted more on it elsewhere? @Turmeric gave me an idea for a fore end mount I might try to do something with but at about $50 a set of grip halves can be a little spendy to experiment with lol

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Is that an ATI butt pad?

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Yes the mag holder mounting plate is bolted to the M-Lok Picatinny rail. I have posted on my butt stock mag holder.

Yes that is an ATI butt pad. It’s kind of ugly and can fall apart but has worked for me so far.


Clever, way to go and a productive use of time & materials!


i like the butt stotck one but i think the other one could distract you when going for shot in hurry ,thats what i think but ive never held a glock so im prob talking through my axx lol @Scooter


I hear ya, but think of the benefit for grab n go, you know you have ammo on board, you’re GTG. Both is best! And either the buttstock or the forend could hold a 33 rounder mag, so you can grab one rifle with 99 rounds with it!


@Scooter @TriggerHappy Have you seen this on KTOG? Labor intensive but very nice!


Thanks for posting. Nicely done weak thru but more fabrication than I’d be up to doing. Did give me a simpler idea making use of Glocks plastic magazine holder they sell on Glocks accessories website

You could use the belt loops of it to run a thin hose clamp they the loops and then through the m lock openings in the grip. Heavy duty zip ties may do the trick as well. I’ll have to play around with the idea


I did see that thread. Kind of awkward to remove the magazine with your left hand if the magazine is on the right side of the forend without rotating the gun 45 degrees. The other thing I didn’t like is that it makes the gun nose heavy and less maneuverable. That’s also beyond my fabrication skills also. LOL The easiest way to carry a spare mag is this: https://www.fab-defense.com/en/category-magazines-and-accessories/id-55/9mm-magazine-attachment.html It holds the magazine upside down though.

My whole family trains with Glocks and I have over a dozen Glock magazine holsters. By Super Bowl Sunday, I 'll probably have fabricated another 2 or 3. ha ha