M*CARBO Brotherhood

So's there many hipoint fans in here?

I own a 995ts and a c9…



I love my 1095. I run it in a High Tower Armory stock. I will probably bring home a 995 and a 4595 when I stumbled across threaded barrel examples.


My 40 S&W Hi Point Carbine, cheap Red/Green Dot sight and a flash light/Laser . Did the MCarbo trigger spring replacement on it and the trigger is way lighter and a bit crisper then stock. Moved the sling attachment points to the left side of the carbine and will be getting/making a sling for it soon. Extra magazine mounts on stock for a total of 3 10 rds on gun and 2 more in belt pouch.


My wife surprised me with a 4595TS for Christmas 10 or so years ago. Nothing but good times. 1000’s of rounds of the cheapest 45 I could get through it. I originally had all the hipoint accessories on it but I’ve since took it back to basic with a red dot.


I bought a used C9 from a pawn shop many years ago cheap, people used to laugh till they shot it. Just don’t tear it down for cleaning, it’s not easy to put back together. Powder Blast & CLP required !Makes a good night stand gun on a budget or a boat gun but to heavy & cumbersome for a concealed weapon unless your wearing a heavy winter coat which I don’t own where I live.

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I’ve got the 45 pistol and with the 14rnd promag in it you feel like you’re holding a hammer drill lol.

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I have a 4595 and really like it but haven’t shot it much since getting my sub2000. It is what got me started on ppc’s.

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I’ll stick to my Colt 1911 Gold Cup .45 ACP !

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I am able to hit a half dollar sized target from 50 yards 8 out of 10 times once I installed the trigger spring. Before that I couldn’t hit the backstop. I fail to understand why so many people bad mouth Hi Point. It’s tough, if not the most elegant looking rifle but, it’s reliable, and it’s affordable and comes with a lifetime warranty. I just bought my third, a 10mm, and the trigger spring is ordered. I just can’t see spending three times the price only to gain an infinitesimal amount of performance. I’ll take my Hi-Point any day. I do agree with the naysayers regarding the pistol, it’s heavy, clunky, and not very accurate however, I did save my life with one once so I suppose I should be grateful for that. Made entirely in the USA as well, it gets my vote.


I sighted my 4095 in at 50 yards and can put all 10 rounds into the center of a man size target at 100 yards and all head shoots at 50 yards. I am pretty sure it will do the job if required.


I own the 995ts and the c9. I have an eotech halo sight on the carbine but I haven’t zero’d it in yet. So the sear spring kit makes an improvement in the guns?!

What I hear is “a friend of a friend had a hi point and it always jammed up”. I’ve never had a FTF or FTE with my 4595TS or the 45 pistol. They only eat economy fmj and minimal cleaning.

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Well it sure did for me. I think it’s the best upgrade out there.I was ready to get rid of the Hi Point until I found out about the trigger spring upgrade. Once installed the accuracy improved so much It became my weapon of choice. I seriously cannot think of another upgrade that I’ve done that has had that much effect. For around a twenty dollar bill, the value can’t be beat.

If you need a firearm for any reason, just knowing that every police department in the country will not allow their officers carry a Hi Point speaks volumes. This also goes for backups and off duty firearms. Soooooooo “its not for me” either. Sorry Hi Point.