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Something Different: JFK

my mother recived these 5 half dollars from a reletive of JFK one of your finest presidents when she was in the mater hospital around 1977 ,1 from 1977 1 from 1974,2 from 1972 and 1 from 1964 are these half dollars still in circulation

thinking about it i may have the wrong coins here im sure they were silver dollars that she recived and at an earlier date im must do a search to find out will let you know when i do


i have not seen half dollars in a long time
Silver dollars and $2.00 bills are not too uncommon.
I love using $2.00 bills because it blows some peoples mind.
JFK’s wife was the best looking first lady.


silver thru 1964

don’t see these much - hang onto them


@JohnB are they still in use, i know at least one of them is right year but dont know if right coin could be worth a lot of money


@hunter1916 They are still in use. The one in the middle of the picture looks to be the one from 1964 (first year issue) as it is 90% silver giving it a different color, worth about $7-$8 on Ebay.