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Some Clarity On Politics

There have been a few instances lately of what is acceptable/unacceptable here. Let me cover a few things briefly.

First of all, there are only 4 moderators for this entire forum. 4 of us. We try our best to be a presence, but this is a fairly extensive forum. Most of the time we are alerted to a problem by another user. We try not to be heavy handed and some minor political discourse we are going to let ride. Sorry, it is what it is. It’s not good business to nitpick y’all to death.

Having said that, here are some absolute no exception lock downs.

Election talk, political party talk, antifa, BLM, law enforcement shootings, riots, protests, ad hominem attacks, arguing back and forth, sensational stories, etc. anything like that is going to be closed. No exceptions.

Topics like the mask thread have some light violations from what I’ve seen. I would encourage users in that thread to stay on topic and avoid any of the above. If you want to talk about COVID-19 and mask wearing, be my guest, but stay on topic and don’t argue with each other.

Feel free to message a moderator for any further clarification. Y’all carry on.


You mean like the lame street media, twitter, farcebook and etc.?

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Everything gets politicized these days making it virtually impossible to speak about any topic on face value because it’s already gone there.

I’ve always wondered why something posted on twitter is called a tweet. Shouldn’t it be called a twit?


Ain’t that the truth.



Not on Twitter so I don’t Tweet but I have called some people a Twit…or was it a Twot? :thinking:


Same here as well as farcebook or the others!


Kona, Thank you and the others for your service brother