M*CARBO Brotherhood

Solid steel pin

CZ has a new solid steel firing pin retaining pin to replace old style roll pin. Once installed no need to replace pin later on. Fits CZ 75, SP01,P07/09, 97B and Rami 2075 models. Pin is rounded at one end and dimpled at the other end for easy installment. Cost $6.00. I have purchased 2 and install one on my P07 the other will be my spare.


I do not know what is up with CZ. Their ability to machine a quality firearm is up there with the best manufactures like HK but there knowledge of strength and materials is lacking. Their CZ52 is an amazing firearm BUT if you dry fire it as few as a dozzen times the firing pin will break. Their roller bearings in the slide assembly will go out of round and will gall. The tip of their extractor will brake off. Thank goodness there is a company out there for the CZ (Just like MCarbo) Harrington Products. You can google them. They make super high quality parts, that are a permanent fix for CZ short commings.