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SOG Rubber Recoil Pad

I have seen many different style recoil pads out there. I wanted to share this because it works great. I had this SOG pad on an original VLTOR Modstock laying around in a parts box. Found out that it fits the Gen 2 Sub 2000 very well, it’s snug, and it allows the carbine to fold. It is a tad longer than the Sub’s stock but that’s actually a good thing. It gives a little more padded surface area to the shoulder. There is a small gap on the inside at the bottom but that doesn’t bother me. I am completely copacetic with the fit, function, and look of it.


We saw one very similar at a store yesterday - but wife didn’t have her S2K with her to check it - that’s made for AR-15 type, right?

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You bet. This was on a S&W VTAC originally.


Hey mitranoc, looks like you nailed it.
I’m going shopping! TYVM. I have the longer barrel, all I hope is that the front sight clears the recoil pad when folded and extended same as in your picture.

Hey Moosecall,

With the longer barrel, I’m assuming that your front sight would be behind the recoil pad when folded. If that’s the case you should be fine. Not sure how long your barrel is though? This pad extends back at the top of the stock a tad under an inch.

This thing works like a gem, and the rubber is relatively soft… not hard as a rock.

Correct, I believe there will be clearance when folded. The other product on Amazon (out of stock) I copied your recommendations forward there (apologize there are about three active topics on the SUB 2K recoil pad ongoing).
I searched the internet for the exact SOG pad you have shown here but couldn’t find the exact one (using pictures), so many to screen, would you have more detail or possibly a link so that I can fine tune my search?

I purchased mine directly from VLTOR. Looks like they are on sale at the moment for $15.00.


Perfect, but I’m in Canada and couldn’t complete an order from that site, but no problem, I’ll find it now in Canada.

Did you happen to field trial it yet?


Yes sir. It works just as good on my S2K as it did on the AR-15.

Excellent news, great alternative thinking there with a bit of luck thrown in.

Right. Sometimes things just work out.